It's that time of year again...

Time, that is, to make some snowflakes!

I know we’ve done this before, but it’s still fun.

Mine is #2,796,844

Mine is 2797031.

This is a way cool site! I can see myself wasting plenty-o-time here.

The best part is I can send the link to all the idiots I know who make four-sided snow flakes.

Mine’s 2787155 (I think).

Ooooh! Thank you for posting this Scribble. I go snowflake crazy every year when someone reminds me :slight_smile: It’s the simple pleasures…

I know it’s ridiculous to have an online snowflake creator preference, but I like this site too:

It has wee scissors and everything. I just find it satisfying!

Mine is 2797342…it’s my very first snowflake. Oh, I feel so special now!

I love that site. My first flake this year is 2799194.

How can you possibly be thinking about such things today, of all days. I mean, it’s BIG GAME DAY!

Wait a minute. You have to make your own snowflakes? Here in Canada, we have them made for us, during the winter months, at no cost!

(Cute site. Mine is #2,800,222. :slight_smile: )

Ah, to remember snowy, silent nights like that! Let’s hitch up the sleigh and go for a ride. :slight_smile:


I’m number 2,803,449 and proud of it!

Times are tough, you know, with the economy being what it is and all. It’s always the economy.

#2,803,495 here.

Mine is #2803842