Make a snowflake!

There I was, humbly reading the Straight Dope in lab, when from the speakers of a grad student’s computer I hear a loud “Snip! Snip!”

“Snip! Snip!” “Snip! Snip! Snip!”

I turned my head, and he was making snowflakes . “How utterly dumb!” I thought. “Whatever happened to paper and scissors?”

Then, of course, I tried it. And was instantly addicted. And so was the rest of the lab. And for the last tweny minutes, all I’ve heard is “Snip, Snip.”

-KeithT, maker of flake 57487

Well mine is 57750, but it looks more like a Zoroastrian mystical symbol or something than it does like a snow flake. I always sucked at it in Kindergarten too. Making perfect hearts, I was the envy of every body, but my snow falkes always look industrial.

I found that site back around christmas time and let my students try it out. Then they started making naughty snowflakes…:rolleyes:

I did a few. They’re listed under my username here.

Check out my flake - 58947, it’s badass.

I have a feeling this could get addicting.

#58967. I found it kind of frustrating, though. My scissors jumped all over the place, and then it would freeze up for no reason. Maybe I just need more practice…

I’ll second that. I was cutting like a cavewoman.
I think the game should offer left-handed scissors.:stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely addictive.

Someday, it will finish saving, and I will have a number. No luck at the moment though…

I’m number 59870 and 59905.

I think two is enough.

:smiley: I think I have a new wasting-time addiction. Mine are 60391, 60414, 60434. The last one is my favorite.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m 60532, it looks more like a doiley though.

#61623… Behold~

Dang, this is fun! :slight_smile:

#61706, under irishgirl.
damn cool.

Addictive, but frustratingly difficult. I can’t believe how hard some of the other snowflake makers must have worked to get some of those designs.

I did 61829

What’s cool is you can do stuff that would tear if you did it IRL.

Mine is 61863 – I can’t get the link to work. Oh well.

Check out #62502

#67578. It’s sort of a funky, tropical snowflake :stuck_out_tongue: