It's that time of year! - JLPT

皆さん、こんにちは。 初めまして。 私はオノと申します。 私は48歳で、アメリカ人です。 趣味は日本語とスペイン語とフランス語を勉強するのです。

I’ll be taking 四級. I’m a little nervous but がんばります。

Here’s a list of my study materials.

  • 皆の日本語1 - Coursebook
  • 皆の日本語1- Workbook
  • 皆の日本語本やく- Translation and Grammatical Notes
  • 元気1- Coursebook
  • 元気1- Workbook
  • White Rabbit Press Kanji 1 Flashcards (covers all kanji for 四級 and 三級).
  • Kodansha’s Furigana Dictionary

I’m also using a great little program called NihongoUP to build up my reading speed.

I’ve tried going total immersion, but can’t find enough online Japanese programming , i.e., ドラマ, to make it work for me.

Anyone else here taking 四級 in December? Anyone who’s taken it previously, what were your experiences? Did you pass it on the first try?

I’ve been told I should start with 三級, but I’m not that confident yet, and 四級 will be a good gauge of my current level of proficiency.


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