It's the damn game or me


I get that you dig your computer game. I dig the SDMB. But I don’t allow it to take over my damn life. You don’t get your shit done because it may take time away from your precious game. You let your bills go out late, you miss appointments and stay up all night when you KNOW you have to get up in the morning in order to play your fucking GAME. We have had countless fights because you let that goddamn GAME get between us! Why?

But tonight, that was classic. You call me to say your leaving work early because you’re sick and maybe it would be better if we didn’t get together this weekend because you didn’t want me to get sick. Then you change your mind and say if I wanna come over still to come over. So my dumbass goes over there. Because I want to see you.

Do you get off your game? NO!! You sit there and say “but hon, I just got into a group I can’t log off now!” FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! I just drove 45 minutes to come chill with your sick ass because I haven’t seen you all week and you can’t log off? Do you seriously expect me to sit and wait patiently until you feel like hanging out with me? Are you FREAKIN’ kidding me??


When I tell you I’m going home you get all pissy and tell me “do you want me to log off? FINE. I’ll LOG OFF. SIGH” I’m sorry, I didn’t realize hanging out with me was such a CHORE. You know what? I hope you and your palm will be very happy. Because that’s the only action you’re gonna be seeing for a LONG time.

So I left. 3 hours ago. Have ya called? Nope. Betcha hardly noticed I was gone. WHAT IS IT WITH THAT FUCKING GAME??? Why do you tell me to come over and then ignore me? Why when we’re hanging out do you feel the need to check your guild message board every hour?

That game is evil incarnate. It’s the spawn of Satan. But i’m not stupid. I realize that it’s not just the game. It’s you. You say you want to marry me. With you treating me like this before we’re even engaged? Yeah. I see marriage in our future. :rolleyes:

Fuck you and your goddamn pathetic game. I hate BOTH of you right now. :mad:

Starcraft? If it is, then I can understand. I hurt myself with that game.

The cruel irony of it is, relationships fall apart, and the game-addicted one’s wrist is crippled from too much mouse-action, so masturbation isn’t even an option. Hope that helps. :wink:

Everquest. And yes, it does. thank you.

What’s he suppose to do … just, … what … stop playing?!?

Shhyeahhh!! Riight!!

You have no idea how powerful the force of addiction is. This is important shit we’re talking about.

Nah, I’m just fucking with you. He sounds like a tool. It’s pretty rude to invite someone to your house and then ignore them in favor of anything – especially if there’s potential romance involved.

Indeed. You heard how much shit I got the other week for posting to the boards when there were cute naked guys upstairs, and they were ASLEEP at the time, even.

A gorgeous female friend of mine:

“So I paraded back in forth down the hall naked in front of him. Did he notice? No. So I walked in with my naked, horny self, and sat down on his lap. Did we have sex? He asked me to please get up. I was blocking his view of the screen.”


I’m SO glad I never bought EverCrack. Anything that would stop a man from having sex with a woman actively trying to seduce him presents too powerful an addiction. I just can’t imagine…

I was real addicted to Doom when it first came out. To quote Dennis Miller, it made crack look ‘Sanka’.

oh yeah, we’ve done the “I want sex, i’m laying in bed naked about 4 feet from you” with him totally ignoring me a few times. It’s morning now, no call, no email. Each minute that passes by makes no boyfriend more and more of an attractive option…

I recently gave up my Dark Ages of Camelot addiction, it was damn hard too. My husband got me started with Asheron’s Call. The only way I could get me to pay attention to me was to play with him. I am so glad all that is over, its such a waste of life.

I hope your boyfriend wises up.

For what it’s worth, some people really DO get totally sucked into computer stuff- it’s an odd phenomenon. When I was first at the SDMB, I was here CONSTANTLY, to the point of marriage strain. I wised up and now do “everything in moderation”, but I really didn’t see the problem at the time it was happening.

If he’s making himself late for work, ignoring personal relationships, and otherwise planning his life around Evercrack, he needs professional help, IMHO. “Can’t log off”? Come on.

I’d probably break it off with him and see if he even looks up and notices, or give him the big “the game in moderation or me” ultimatum. Who needs someone that makes you feel like an intruder on their life? Be prepared for him to choose the game, though.


oh I tried the “show me your game honey, maybe i’ll get into it too” tactic. Couldn’t do it. Bored me to tears. I just don’t understand how anyone could be so addicted to a damn game that they’re willing to throw away a relationship for it. Apparently it happens sometimes with EQ.


Drugs I can understand. But a GAME? The hell?

He already told me that if I were to give him the ultimatum he’d choose the game. He hid behind the lame excuse, “I couldn’t be with someone who would actually give me an altimatum, who would make me choose between two things I love”

the really sad thing is this is him BETTER. It used to be worse! We only get to spend 1 day a week together anyway, it finally got to the point where he’d only check the boards 2 times that day and wouldn’t log on at all. And then the bullshit of last night happened. Like a freakin’ drug relapse. It’s like an “other woman” that it’s okay for him to have.

Well, if you have some mutual friends, it might be worth it to stage an intervention. Since there aren’t any actual drugs involved, that means no physical side effects.
Or you could let the addiction run its course, which it probably will. But when he gets bored with that, he’ll probably be looking for a new fix, and it will start all over.

Dump his ass, immediately. Don’t puss out and give him another chance. Seeya, buh-bye, hit the road Jack, dontcha come back no more no more no more no more. Just because you’ve put up with it until now doesn’t mean you have to continue.

lez, he has chosen Evercrack over you. You’re right–he’s not the first. I can find you several support groups for EQ survivors–if you’re interested, please consider it. It’s not a cop-out to get help. And it’s not your fault he’s made the choices he’s made.

those freakin’ Phillip Morris wannabe dealers are always coming out with a new game, i have no doubt he’ll move straight from this one to another :frowning:

You deserve better than this, lezlers. I’m hesitant to tell people to go the ultimatum route because I myself have trouble doing it, but IMO you oughta tell this dude to cram it and get out of your life. Especially since you’ve talked about it before-- it’s not like you woke up this morning and decided “Hey, the BF likes EQ, think I’ll bitch him out for it.”

Good luck, lez… you’re too good for him!

He lhas more fun with the game than he does with you. You know what? That’s his right. It’s a rejection, sure, and it stings, and it sucks that he could find people he knows only through the taping of the keys to be better company than you, but he’s shown through his actions that he does.

You can’t really blame him for that. Yo can blame him for not being up-front about it, for wasting your time when he didn’t want to see you, etc., etc. That was immature and very wrong of him. But part of being in a relationship with an adult is accepting that that adult may prefer someone or something to you. On the other hand, it is completely reasonable to leave someone who apparently dosen’t find you as interesting as he finds his computer. There are plenty of people out there that would disagree with him, and you would be better off with one of them.

Can I get an amen? Truer words have never been spoken.

I have no doubt that EQ can be a valid addiction. I think you need to treat him like any other addict.

Without acrimony, tell him you think he has a problem and that it’s affecting your relationship. If he wants to face that fact and admit it’s a problem, and wants your help, you’ll do your best to help him.

If he’s still in denial, you gotta cut him loose.

Man, I was sure this thread was going to be about the Sims. Colour me disappointed.