It's the Great Minirants, Charlie Brown! (October minirants)

Without trespassing, of course. Better yet post one opposite his that says “needs more cow bells!”

It’ll take him years to figure out and no doubt will fry what few circuits he has left.

Or just plant some cowbells.

Unfortunately they wouldn’t bloom in time.

I’m in Johnstown, PA. Yesterday it was 71 degrees. Tonight we have a freeze warning. It might even snow.

Mayer, AZ. 91 F today, looking like its snowing because of the ash and soot.

Our snarf-and-barf kitty did her thing on a rug, which I dutifully washed and then hung out to dry on a porch rail. Asshole Thrasher bird (aka Goddamned Poopy Bird) had a party on the rug, pooping and tossing stuff out of my planter.

Finally saw one sad lonely Trump yard sign in our mostly-Democratic neighborhood. It looked like someone had run it over.

Probably run over by the same bus that all of Trump’s supporters are eventually thrown under.

Good lord. Halloween is in two weeks and my favorite radio station is playing “Christmas in the Caribbean”!

Why are they playing a Christmas song? Because they’re promoting the opening of the seasonal toy department in the store where they’re having a live remote today.

Well, I had a moment of sadness today.
I decided a while ago that if my daughter and her fiancé stay where they currently live, I wanted to eventually move to a beautiful little town called Lake City, Minnesota. It’s right on Lake Pepin, which I have always loved, it’s just big enough to give some anonymity, and only about 40 minutes from them instead of over two hours.
Every other house had Trump signs up, it seemed. Everywhere from the trailer park just outside the town to the massive Victorian mansions.
I saw one Biden sign.

I won’t even write about Wisconsin. Although the cheese shop we went to was fabulous.

Ahh, but you’d be right across the river from Stockholm, WI and the cutest little vineyard. Villa Bellezza is a recreation of an Italianate piazza, with a café, restaurant, and a wine bar/tasting room, and a meeting place for fellow liberals.

(Or stay and do your drinking in Lake City… and learn to be amused by all the locals at the tavern getting their undies in a bundle 'cause there’s now a nigger-lover in the White House…)

You’d be close to Frontenac State Park, too. And Lake City has great parks and of course everyone has a beautiful view of the Mississippi River (yeah, call it a lake if you want, but it’s really just a wide spot).

We were surprised that nearly all houses on London Road in Duluth had Biden signs. Perhaps you need to go north (we thought about getting a house in Lake City ten years ago, but our kids were going to college in Duluth so we bought there instead.)

I’d like to take this opportunity to unload about my asshole of a brother-in-law and I’ll limit it to the most recent idiocy.

First off, he’s an unrepentant diabetic, so he’s pretty much blind now, on dialysis, and has been determined not to be a candidate for a kidney transplant because, frankly, he never took care of himself. But that’s not what’s pissing me off.

He’s living in Texas. He expects his 90-y/o parents to drive from Florida to visit him. No matter that his mother is virtually blind because of macular degeneration. No matter that his father has Parkinson’s and early stages of dimentia. No matter that both of them have pacemakers, and his dad has BP issues so severe that he’ll occasionally pass out. No matter about anything - he wants his parents to visit. No, they won’t fly as long as Covid is an issue. Plus they’d still have to get from Ocala to the Orlando airport - not the sort of place you want a semi-impaired driver on the road.

We’ve invited them to spend Thanksgiving with us, but with one difference - my husband will make the 800 mile (one-way) drive to pick them up, then he’ll take them back home when the visit is done. His dad wanted to drive, but my husband has talked some sense into him.

And asshole BIL wants what he wants and fully expects his parents to comply. If my brother tried a similar stunt, I’d be reading him a series of riot acts! Fortunately, my brother is a decent human being with common sense.

Even tho he can’t see this, I gotta say: Mark, quit being an asshole!!

I hope your parents-in-law have had the sense to tell him to they won’t be doing this. I’d suggest telling him to jump off a bridge, but it sounds like he’d have trouble getting there.

What would happen if his parents told asshole BIL “Sorry, our health is too compromised*. But we’d love to see you, so you’re invited here.”?

*Ooh, better yet. They ask their doctor about traveling, who says “NO way!” and they send the scathing email from the doctor to asshole BIL.

That worked with my 90+ yr old mother feeling obligated to go to a family Super Spreader Wedding. We said “We’ll be glad to give you a ride, with all the Covid dangers, if you can get your doctor to okay it. In writing.”

FIL was talking about going. We will do our best to set him straight. Dunno if my husband will call his brother, or if he did, if it would do any good.

More cat saga, tests back staph and pasteurella In the poor little guys ears. Cha Ching tomorrow for more meds and shot.

I’m having another bad day. I don’t even understand what is causing this. What the fuck, brain, get your shit together.

Surprisingly enough, I’m still pretty functional for feeling like the actual worst person on the planet. I was only late to work.

You can’t be the worse person on the planet, slalexan. You aren’t Trump. You can’t be the second worse person because you aren’t Gov. Ducey. From what I know, you haven’t murdered anyone, and you don’t kick puppies or kittens. I think you probably aren’t a bad person at all, I think you are just a normal person who happens to be human. I hope your brain gets back to work again quickly.

I’d much rather pill a cat than do ear drops. Hopefully your poor lil guy reacts quickly and positively to treatment.

Our “free” cat (came with the house) has FIV and also has a skin condition that causes him to pull all of his hair out and then lick his skin bloody. He’s on meds that suppress his immune system and stops the obsessive grooming. (at $40 a month) The meds aren’t great for any cat, but really not great for one who is already immo-compromised.

I shared all that so I could say that our cat’s left ear would get really goopy. I’d wrap a warm wash cloth around my finger and dig into his ear as deep as I could and he would purr his heart out, his poor ear must have been so itchy. We also used vet ear drops which cleared it up for a while, but then we would end up with kitty back to vet for a real ear cleaning and a different plan. About 6 months ago she gave him a shot of something I don’t remember the name of, and it has seemed to work. If you would like, I can call tomorrow and get the name of what vet gave kitty, but I do want to warn you that what works for my furry money pit might not work for yours. It might be worth a shot, though. (sorry, couldn’t help that)

Speaking of my furry money pit, he’s had 4 bladder infections this year. Because he always does it on the weekend, I wanted to have a bottle of Clavamox on hand for when he does it next. Today we picked it up and the tech brought said we owed 19.90 (happy surprise) and after we paid she brought pills out to the car. I said we needed the powdered sort, so she went back and fixed things which brought the price of the meds back up to the 39.90 I was used to. Why would the same thing in a different form have such a huge price difference?

For twenty bucks each month, I’d invest in a mortar and pestle.

Not a bad idea at all. I left a message with for our vet to ask about it, but its not urgent. Its 20 per occurrence, and I have a plan!

Cats are jerks, so my plan is to have some available at a minutes notice, which will stop kitty from getting another bladder infection. I showed him the box and explained that he wouldn’t be able to convince us to take him to the emergency vet in the middle of the night again for a bladder infection. He should now find some other way to suck money out of us. Asshole. Its a good thing he’s so handsome.

I’m crawling out of a similar nadir over here, too. Sending hopeful thoughts from my heart to yours - I hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us.