It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown spotted

Looks like ABC will be showing this great Halloween classic on Oct 28th at 8:00.

When it gets closer I’ll post a bump to remind people.

The Simpsons will also be spoofing this classic in their annual Halloween show November 2. Surprised it took them this long.

I doubt the Simpsons will be able to equal Charlie Brown’s bullet-ridden corpse, or Snoopy’s PTSD flashbacks.

Pinky and the Brain did a small tribute to this show.

About 1:40 into the video.

Don’t they show it every year? Why do we need a reminder?

Because we grew up with it, its tradition!

Exactly. You know it’s going to come on in late October, and you know exactly what you’ll see if you view it. Why do you need a reminder, unless you’re senile. Just open your TV guide.

LOL. If this annoys you then December is *really *gonna piss you off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone seen the ads where “Actor” Charlie Brown is complaining about “Thespian” Linus being a diva? How did they get that OK’d by the Schultz estate?

It’s great, but quite a surprise!

Though he’s passed on, I think Schultz would’ve liked the joke.

Tonight is the night and as promised here is the reminder. It is rainy and cold her in PA - a perfect night for sitting in to watch and reminisce.

Thanks for the heads-up Khadaji!

I guess I’m just too senile to find the TV guide…:wink:

Remember: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! was brought to you by McDonalds, Peter Paul & Mounds, and Dolly Madison Zingers.

Aw dolly madison… such memories…

You know DVD/Video killed the specialness of these specials. When you could only see it once a year and that was it made these gems so much more an event.

Still, gonna pop some popcorn and watch with the kids. (I got a rock…)

Here’s the weird thing: even though I have the DVD, I still would rather watch it when it comes on TV - commercials and all. I haven’t even opened the DVD.