It's the Independence Day in December MMP

What? If we can have Christmas in July (& associated sales), surely we can reverse that to have Independence Day in December; especially with the weather we’ve been having. I’ve had the windows open…at night. I was wearing shorts outside at 9:30am yesterday. S’posed to rain this evening, but still in the upper 60°’s today.
Pre-hijack question: What other sales/holidays should we have?

First! Woot!

I think we should have easter in January because the stores seem to put out the displays of easter eggs as soon as xmas is over.

Fabulously bonkers weekend seeing an amazing band and then meeting up with my doting parent the day after. She gave me an early xmas present of your US dollars to add to my xmas trip money - not sure how she managed to do that because in this country you need photo ID to buy currency and she has not got a valid passport or driving licence. Since she got it from the bank where she’s been a customer for about 60 years, I assume she sweet-talked them into accepting her pensioner’s bus pass instead.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis <snerk> 69! <snerk> Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 79 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. We shall see. Oh, and today is irk from home day for da bear. I will venture out to a couple of local places to take care of some bidness around nine which will hopefully be before the aforementioned doom and gloom arrive.

HMMMMMM… Valentine’s Day in September? Turkey Day in June? I got nuttin’.

OK, I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then purtification to be presentable to my adorin’ public must also commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’m pretty sure this is a sign: The doors on this building won’t stay unlocked! We should all go home!!

I had to wait for someone with a key to come unlock for me, and just a few minutes ago, I had to open the door near my cube for a guy who couldn’t get anyone’s attention at the front door. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign we shouldn’t be here, right? :smiley:

As to the OP - I got nothing. In fact, I’m lucky to be up, dressed, and functioning this morning. But I’d agree to having my birthday celebrated every month as long as it means lots of loot for me. :smiley:

And on that note, I guess I need to simulate work. Happy Moanday!

I think y’all should start having state-level holidays (province-level in Canada), which are very convenient to go shopping across the line :slight_smile:

Ugh I hate being up this early. Jury deliberations start today for the first officer charged in the Freddy Grey trials in Baltimore, so I will spend the day there. Not really hard work, but a long day.

I don’t get the sense there will be outrage like what sparked the riots. Also both weather and a prepared police response will reduce potential silliness. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people act stupid, but I think they will be surprised how quickly and effectively they will be shut down this time.
Fourth of July in December? Well we could fire up the grill. I have grilled in a blinding snowstorm before; I swear the effort made the steak taste better.

Short week this week, I’m off Friday. I was supposed to take the kids for a visit to the grandparents, but those plans got squashed because my ex forgot which weekend it would be and bought concert tickets for the kids Saturday. Not happy, but I kept my mouth shut because I would be the bad guy if I made a fuss. I’m still going, just alone.

Well the alarm is ringing, time to roll. Have a good week everyone.

Monday, blurfly moanday…

FCM, at least you can get in and out OK. In our building, we have a special card and passcode (individual) that we need to wave and keypad to gain entry, and even when the front door checkers (two 60-something ladies) arrive, the doors are kept locked and visitors have to look at a camera and request entry/provide POC before they are let in.

Welcome to the 21st century…

I had my big Longhorn Steakhouse dinner yesterday, so that pretty much killed my appetite the rest of the day, ended up eating a dry bowl of Alpha-bits cereal and a Pepsi (to the gourmets among us; take deep breaths and try to erase that mental picture…), but back to my brausweigher sammichs today.

Boofairy, if I may asked, where are you located and what part of the (mostly) United States are you planning to visit?

Otherwise, actually am getting some work done this morning, a couple of friends here at irk are taking me out to 5 Guys for lunch and based on past experience, I’ll feel way to bloated to do much this afternoon.

95 irking days left…

Wound up staying up all night. Did some studying, mostly just couldn’t sleep. Blergh. Going to be a rough day at work. On the plus side, no class tonight, so I can collapse as soon as I get home.

BooFae lives in the land of Moffat. But she’s not a true Brit because she doesn’t watch Doctor Who.

I has a foggy rainy blurf

Up and caffeinated. It’s extended holiday hours starting today, so i won’t be getting home till almost midnight tonight.

I’ve done hockey tailgates when it’s 34 and sleeting.

Anti-Cardiff sentiments, probably. :wink:

sawmpy, Turkey Day and St. Patrick’s Day would be good ones to extend. Mainly because I’m all about eating, drinking and general debauchery:D

Break time, just because.

My boss isn’t in today. He didn’t leave me any work. Luckily, Jason stepped up, so I’m busy. And this is my short week, so that’s good. Next week will be even shorter - I’m just coming in on Moanday. If I had enough leave, I wouldn’t even come in then, but I don’t like to do leave without pay unless forced to.

OK, enough break. Back to work.

Turkey Day, for sure. That meal is worth repeating.

About 30 when I was waiting for the bus with my kiddo. High of 53, windy and cloudy.

Working from home today.


Some Turkey Day meals repeat without even trying.

OK – he’s still with us but ---- we need a Harvey Fierstein Day. Just so we can get one holiday with a good sense of fashion and color. :smiley:

I’ve had too much on my plate to really enjoy the weather (IE - run the Sportster ragged) but it was odd to be in Erie in December and not have to worry about if we could get out or not. Last time we were in the park in this month, there was a foot of snow on the ground and more falling and one time we got snowed in with almost a foot falling in just the first hour. All the major roads were closed and we had to find a back way out. When we made plans to attend this weekends event (back in September) we decided to buy bingo tickets as well; the date was the same for both activities. Our tickets turned out to simply be a donation to the cause – something we can live with.


Metal Mouse, I live in the very middle of England, as far from the coast as it’s possible to get. As for watching Dr Who, I used to watch it when I was a kid, back in the days when the monsters were made out of cardboard boxes and tin foil :slight_smile:

Over xmas we’ll be in Vegas for a while, next easter it’s a trip to Maui and then in August there are plans for San Jose, Lake Tahoe and a few other places but so far the only thing booked are the flights!

Doggio, you’d understand if you had ever been to Cardiff…


BooFae, when in San Jose, you MUST see the Winchester Mystery House.

Blurf. Woke up to “O What a Beautiful Morning”. ekemom is recording Oklahoma! on the HD movie channel. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we already own it.

Now ekemom is getting a little more sleep before we get the day started in earnest, and so I’m up, sandwiched, caffeinated and am roleplaying some.

Happy Moonday!

Today is the day of poofing posts.

It looks to be a nice warm day again today.

Still no art grade.

Catching up on some paper irk and paid a few bills. My to do list is a long one, I know it all won’t get done today.

So we want to create some extra holidays? Or move some around? I’m too much of a grump to care about holidays. I don’t get the day off unless I want to go without pay, so one day is like another for me.

2gig I am dreading the trial and glad I’m up here and not down there. No matter what, it’s going to be ugly.

Sorry for your troubles with the ex. I’m sorry Sah-son’s father died, but I am so glad I don’t have to deal with his bullshit anymore.

FCM and MetalMouse I worked at a place - MDOT- where not only could you be locked out, but you could also be locked in. Our badge/passes kept track of where we were. If I followed somebody into a room without using my badge then I couldn’t get back out. The bosses were quite pleased with they system until somebody called the fire department. It’s illegal to lock people in a room so the system had to be revised.
I loved when they changed the name of the data center to a functional data center. Should have been dysfunctional data center.

I need to get back to irk, the dishwasher won’t unload itself. I should do some laundry.

Lunch time!

Busy morning, which is good - the time is zipping by. I fear this week will zip by and I have much to do. Guess I should make a list.

Later. Time to eat now.