It's the Independence Day in December MMP

It’s December 14th, and I have the windows open. I love living in N.C.

Nearly 70° outside and I’m freezing here inside - do they really have the air on?? I’m about to don my hoodie. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

So, what shall I make for supper tonight? Fish sounds healthy, and broccoli, perhaps?

Blurf! I’m waiting for the truck to be finished.

If I had a choice of holidays to repeat, I’m thinking Labor day. Nice weather, not as much merchandising and a long weekend to camp, ride and cook out.

I have been a productive bear this mornin’. I made two visits to local places this mornin’ which took up a chunk o’ time. I’ve had N.O.L., which was the rest of my neighbor’s cookin’, and am now about to go in trainin’ mode as I have yet more on line gettin’ learnt to get done and as usual I am behind. I’d rather, ya know, do my job than learn about my job which I already know how to do. I’m a rebel like that. :smiley:

I bought some stuff from Macy’s a couple weeks ago going to middle GA. I just did some tracking with Fed-ex and one of my packages went from Atlanta to Hollywood Fl and is out for delivery in Hollywood. :eek: The others are in ATL. Wonder where they will go? I sent an email to Macy’s customer service to check. This is why I prefer to use Amazon.

I am having a sub from Quizno’s for lunch when my girl gets back with it. Hongry.

My birthday is the day after the proper Memorial Day, so I always believed the holiday was for me. I believe there are such ghastly things as Memorial Day Sales (mattresses, etc.) so maybe a sale for Groundhog Day?

Just why is it called common sense if it’s rare? :confused:

Red**, no! Don’t repeat Labor Day; it’s bad enough that summer has to end & school has to begin once ! :eek:
So all that indoor stuff that was planned for this weekend that I blew off due to record high temps & low winds & wanting to be outside enjoying it? I decided I should start it somewhere around 10pm last night! 2.5 loads of laundry, vacuumed upstairs, paid some bills & reconciled the checkbook & I’m paying for it today - can I haz nap?

**Butters **- last year (or the year before?) I mailed a box of stuff to my sister in Baltimore. It’s just over an hour anna half to her place. USPS sent the box from my local post office to one of the Carolinas before routing it back to Baltimore. And this was priority mail! It took her a week to get it. Luckily it wasn’t time sensitive, but dang!

My day is winding down. Jason has done a good job keeping me productive, but my brain is close to fried, so I may waste the last 20 minutes or so. **FCD **wants rotissed chickie for supper - I’ll stop at Food Lion on the way home and get everything we need for supper. Easy peasy! :smiley:

Three more days till my weekend of insane busyness…

Howdy Y’all! I have survived Moanday. YAY! Dindin shall be grilled poke chops, baked veggies (zucchini, squishes, and onions), and deheathenated rice (well it says “converted” on the box!).

Are they not still made out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil? We just started watching this season and I was struck by the “Lost in Space” level special effects.

I have also been very productive for a Monday. Laundry, housecleaning, and working from home. 'Course I did some work from home last night, so I was a little ahead in that area.

Trying to decide if I have enough time to grocery shop before it’s time to get the girl child from school. No idea what’s for dinner tonight.

Oh yeah, MiL left again today! No more scheduled visits until May. superior dance

I have my real computer back - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! It was the power supply. Swapping that out was easy. Crawling under the desk to hook everything up was a pain in the patoot! But it works, so yay! Gotta do a backup in the next few days, just in case. I don’t know how old this computer is, that’s how old it is! :smiley: It does run Windows7 and I got it shortly after Vista went away.

Supper was rotissed chickie, cole slaw, and really fresh and yummy italian bread. I’s stuffded! Ice cream later.

I drove home in a little rain, and more is promised overnight, but tomorrow will be sunny, which pleases me. :smiley: It’s cooling down, yet still mild for December. Weird weather…

Dindin has been ingested and the kitchen is all cleanded up. Go Me! Chillage is now underway. It’s been a rainy day but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and mid 70s.

I told you so!

That’s what I do for a living, while wearing a black T shirt that says, “I’m here because you broke something.”

I gotta crawl back under there - I plugged the speakers in the wrong place. dammit. But other than that, all is fine. Huzzah!

So maybe Ground Hog day? :smiley:

Twuck is fixed. Laundry is finished except for folding towels, a really cool pair of cards have been designed and made and supper is in front of me (a piece of fried chicken from lunch, sauteed eggplant and [del] fart blossoms [/del] Brussels sprouts roasted with prosciutto for those following at home).

After the towels are done, more studio time and some surfing before bed. I have to return to irk tomorrow.

Dinner (such as it was, and what there was of it) has been completed. I actually did yard work (something I do my best to avoid), filling in a couple of holes where trees were 6 years ago (I swear, there is a micro-black hole there eating all the dirt I put in). We’ll see how this does.

Since the OP mentioned Independence Day, we call all look forward to this movie come next Summer: Why? I don’t know, the first one told a complete story and should have closed the book, IMHO. But when it come to money in Hollywood…

That’s so cool, red; they made an emoticon of you. :eek:
Actually, if you’ve never been it really is one of those things that you need to see in person once in your life. 5-figures worth of people standing outside, overnight, in February (it’s a good thing the average [del]anti-freeze[/del] BAC is about a .12) to watch a warm-up act, pre-dawn fireworks & then the big show…guys in tuxes & top hats pulling a rodent out of a stump. :dubious: Then heading back into town for one of the many pancake breakfasts before buying souvenirs, getting pix with the many 5’ tall customized-for-each business (Phil My Prescription is in front of the pharmacy) groundhogs & getting the 'ell outta town.

Time to log off and veg. MWAH!

Supper was oven fried chicken, rice and gravy and boiled okra. There is still birthday cake but I am done. Still have to walk Lucky Louie and then it shall be beddie bye for me. Tahred.

Work is done, salad has been eaten, ammo and gun packed for tomorrow. No spree – just a last chance to go shooting with a friend before he moves to NJ.