Back to the grind in the MMP

OK, folks, holidays are over and life goes on.

Back to work! No more lollygagging! Productivity in 2016!!!


Happy Moanday!

First! Because juvenility is important, and because I can!

Holidays are indeed over, and life is progressing. Got some good stuff to look forward to in 2016, I already have a bunch of bands lined up that I want to see, a rock festival to go to, and two holidays that are still in the planning stages so will need to tinker with those (easter break to Maui and possibly one of the other islands, and an August trip to San Jose/Reno/Lake Tahoe). I’ve also got a long weekend in Budapest towards the end of the month so plenty to look forward to so far.

Apart from the fact that it’s Moanday, and I Don Twanna :frowning:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 39 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 54 and sunny for the day. Winter is back in south Jawja.

Today is back to irk. Matter of fact I need to get a move on. I have fed rumbly tummy and purtified but I do need to get dressed for irk. No I AM NOT postin’ nekkid. I am wearin’ a tshirt, sweatpants and my robe. Preverts!

OK, I shall now get a move on. Irk awaits. ICK!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

You say this :slight_smile: on a day I’m seriously considering calling out due to painful cough and lack of sleep. I did work Saturday while sneezing my head off and drowning in snot, so I think I’ve established my “doesn’t call out without a good reason” cred.

**Nettie **- if you keep your germy self away from me, feel free to call out and hibernate. I give you my permission, because we all know how much weight my word carries. Feel better!

meanwhile, I’ve been here and hour and still don’t have anything to do. What a world…

If I do hack up a lung, I’ll try to eject into the sink. :slight_smile:

Nettie, I’ll probably jinx myself, but I’ve avoided all the normal congestion and coughing I usually do during this season; don’t know if it is because of the warmer than usual weather (it certainly isn’t becasue I am taking care of myself!) or not, but so far, so good.

If you can afford too, take a day off and rest; it ain’t going to get any better at work and all you’ll do is irritate your cow-orkers who’ll blame any susequent infection on you.

As for me, back to the grind (for 83 more days). Nothing of major import pending so may even clean my desk up a bit (or maybe not). A Jimmy John’s #7 sub will do for dinner this evening.
Watched as much of the Mythbusters mega-marathon as I could, looking forward to watching the start of their final season this week.

Today is the day I take my car to the Subiesaurus to get my wipers (hopefully) fixed and find out what’s going on with my exhaust. Unofficial consensus among my co-irkers is that it’s the catalytic converters.

I woke up around 4 am with dry heaves. I finally fell back asleep but I woke up with a killer headache. I’m a grumpy cat today

Up, caffeinated, closing shift tonight. I’ve been working through the holidays, so it’s “The grind continues” for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, **boofae]/b]!

Blurf.Blurf.Blurf.Blurf. I had 2 weeks where I worked a total of 5 days. I got real used to it. I just want to be home, drink coffee, smoke, and be shiftless.

Been in the office a bit over 3 hours. Engineer doesn’t have anything for me. Couldn’t find the boss. One of the checkers came over with one of my drawings to see if it had been checked by anyone yet. Nope.

Three hours… 2016 is a lot like 2015 in that respect.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cold 28 degrees outside. No sign of snow though, it’s sunny outside.

I slept really well last night, first time in a while for that.
My stomach hurts though, I think because I’m not eating right. Too much skipping meals and forgetting to eat.

No back to the grind for me because the grind never ended.
Now that the holidays are over though, everything can kind of go back to what counts as normal around here.

{{{rosie}}} {{{nettie}}}

wow boo fae, I live here and you see more of the US than I do.

Someone left a bag of foil-wrapped (think bite-sized Milky Ways) Russian candy on the kitchen counter at irk. Problem is the writting is in Cryllic; I guess that means I need to sample one of each color to see what’s what, right? :smiley:

The one I tried was a chocolate covered puff, kind of like a single really big piece of Rice Krispy covered in chocolate.

I am at irk of course. I really did not want to be here. Today is a very busy day with all the end of month stuff plus the first day to sell tickets for the Air Show. Just sold my first table.


Sigh. Christmas isn’t over until all the stuff is put away. Hasn’t happened yet.

Time to catch up at work.

I told the Subiesaurus what was going on with my car and he immediately knew what it was. The wipers are because the linkages are worn out. They’ve been ordered and will be in on Wednesday. The gas smell is because I have a bad fuel hose clamp. That can be taken care of at the same time as the linkages. I like the Subiesaurus. :smiley:

It’s snowing outside! Yay! :smiley:

Don’t worry Mooom – I’ll be back making sure this region gets its perfect package from the Jungle in a few hours. :slight_smile:

Celebrating the Vikings at least making this season interesting. Almost blew it at the end and several extra doses of “nerve tonic” (or should I call it The Recipe?) were required but it was worth it. Now if they can get past the next round ---------

IT IS 68 DEGREES F.:eek:

I got up way too late as usual. Blargh. Did manage to get some stuff done.

Going to the bank, and then meeting a friend, today.