Decorating for a surprise party in the MMP

Someone in our midst has a birthday on Firday. So be subtle with the decorations and don’t let on that something’s up.

Happy Moanday!!!

<On the phone ordering 37 tons of confetti>

It’s lunchtime. What cha havin’?

About 4 hours from now when it’s my lunchtime, I’ll have a turkey-n-swiss sammich on whole wheat and the last of the sweet cherries I bought last week. And maybe some pretzels.

Breakfast was cottage cheese and peaches. No clue what I’ll do for supper. And that’s the daily meal update. :smiley:

Do you think that particular “someone” would notice glittery coasters?

Breakfast for me was a chicken and bacon sandwich with some green leafy stuff thrown in. Lunch will be chicken in black bean sauce with rice - my mum ordered a batch of meals from one of those sites that gives you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…except something went wrong in the order process and they sent her a load of dinner items that she doesn’t like. So she emailed them and grumbled about it, they sent her 11 replacement meals from her preferred selection, and she gave me the curries. That’s a couple of weeks of lunches sorted out for me.

I think that someone would love glittery coasters.
<On the phone ordering 37 tons of metallic-finish streamers>*
Also, I blurfed in the wrong MMP this morning so BLURF!

Up. caffeinated, and sheveled. Working closing shift today.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and cloudyish with a predicted high of 93 and partly cloudy with a chance of rain for the day. A typical Summer forecast. I shall start on cleanin’ out closets today. Oh the joys of the retired life! :smiley:

I think that whoever’s birthday is on Firday would probably like a brand new Mercedes convertible in metallic blue with black leather interior.

OK, that’s all I got for now. I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, I should get on with the closet cleanin’ task. Woe!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

BLURF. Awake but off irk today so I may go back to sleep.

No idea whose Birthday it is come Firday, guess I’ll learn it with the rest of you.

Need to do some shopping today, will arise from my computer…eventually…and make a list (I have found that I do not get things done unless I put them on a list, then I do them so I can check them off the list).

Since I saw two movies yesterday (as mentioned in the older thread-Ghostbusters is good, Star Trek is meh), I am considering “The Secret Life of Pets” today or tomorrow. Any recommendations from MMP’ers?

Other than that, another weeks of retirement. Yeah me.

There’s no way this cake will keep until Friday. I’ll have to eat it all myself.

This weekend was full, but tiring. Friday night, we had friends over for craft night - a local bookstore is doing a huge Harry Potter event on Saturday, and the religious organization I’m semi-attached to has been asked to sell wands. Which meant we must first make wands. And they look awesome.

Saturday, we drove down to Portland and tried our hands at three escape rooms, which was a blast. First one was super hard, second was less hard but somehow took us longer to get out, and the third one was so comparatively easy that we were done in less than half an hour. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner.

Yesterday I did five loads of laundry, cleaned my bedroom (and even vacuumed!), mowed the backyard, turned my mattress, folded all my laundry, and watched five episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. Recommend highly.

Now, I would like to go home and go to bed. But alas, work must happen first.

I hope it wasn’t nettles!

I suspect whoever’s birthday is on Firday is so ancient and deep in dementia that he’d be easily convinced that his wheeled desk chair is a metallic blue Mercedes with black leather. :smiley:

**MetalMouse **- I can highly recommend *The Secret Life of Pets *- we saw it last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. **FCD **shares your opinion of Star Trek, and he was kind enough to go see it while I was at my mom’s on Sat. I’m looking forward to Florence Foster Jenkins when it comes out, mostly because I love Meryl Streep!

And now, back to work with me…

Happy Moonday!

I’m so tired I didn’t even know it was Moonday until I saw the new MMP. I sat outside until 3am taking with the neighbor.

It’s hot, humid, and sunny outside, it’s hot and dark inside.
Heat is not good for the grumpy blurfs.

What is it with July birthdays? I have 2 cousins whose birthdays were on the 23rd, one on the 24th, one on the 25th, plus other ones earlier in the month. Who knew October was such a popular month for ‘love’?
Since they all were conceived pre- homeAC, maybe it was because summer was too hot and everybody had a lot of catching up to do as it cooled down in October?

I’m lazy, so I’ll bring the birthday plates, cups, and napkins.
What y’all think, cowboys or pirates?

Breakfast was the leftover Campbell’s Chunky Vegetable Beef Soup from last night. I have no idea what I’ll have for lunch.

I have to order groceries today for pickup tomorrow.

I have gone through and cleanded out the closets in the guest bedroom, study, and the two small linen closets in the hallway. WHEW! I have some in good condition clothin’ to take to Goodwill. I found eight boxes of snot blowers I didn’t know I had, so there will be plenty of nose blowin’ material at da cave for a while!

Sari I say pirate cowboys or cowboy pirates. Either one would be awesome! :smiley:


I don’t mind pirates or cowboys or mixed variants, as long as there’s no Pokemon… Maybe a sports theme - Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburg Pirates playing field hockey? :smiley:

I’ll just eat my lunch quietly now.


Bad ider; black leather gets hit in the sun & could burn the backs of legs of anyone in shorts or a skirt.

Drea, don’t do that! Eating too much cake could give you a tummy ache.
::cuts cake in half::
::eats half of cake to prevent Draelin from felling sick::

That’s how we help each other out around here. :slight_smile:
P.S. It was nummy, what else do you bake?

Black leather interior? Whoever’s having that birthday loves bursting into flames as soon as s/he gets into the car in the middle of summer, don’t they?

Morning y’all! Happy, disgusting, hot, sweaty, humid, frizzy, annoying Monday.


Not to mention sticking to the seats on the way out.

… or gold lamé thong…