It's the official last Presidential Debate thread!

OK, so the last of the four debates (3 presidential, 1 VP) is on Wednesday 10/15.

The Obama/Biden team are widely believed to have ‘won’ the first 3.

Does this format favor either one of the candidates?

Does it even matter anymore? Are people sick of the debates and not even watching anymore?

Gah! I really want to see this last debate, as I figure it’s my last, best hope to see McCain lose his shit and pop a blood vessel on national TV. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of moving right now, and it’s going to be another week 'til my cable’s hooked up and my iPhone is my only Internet access.

Don’t care. I told my teacher straight up that I was only watching it because she’s making me. I am election fatigued and I want it over with. I am in fact so sick and tired of it that I no longer care who wins. Both candidates are good men, and both have petty syncophants that infuriate me beyond reason.

I never thought I’d say this, but I feel as though I’m sullying my vote simply by casting it. It’s dirtied because it’s being counted with the votes from the bleating sheep and the Kool-Aid drinkers.

Enjoy the debate.

Come on now. People who are getting that upset over “Kool-aid drinkers” and whatnot need to take a step outside. You vote for the candidate, not their supporters.

I’m predicting a redux of debate 1, with Obama repeating his talking points and McCain forgetting that Obama is also on stage with him. Although it would be amusing to watch McCain stomp his foot and shake his fist, spouting authentic frontier gibberish, I doubt anything exciting like that will happen.

I really hope McCain is stupid enough to step on to the mound, shake off a couple of signals from his catcher, wind up, and lob the softest of softballs over the plate to Obama by bringing up the dreaded Ayers connection. If McCain doesn’t think that Obama isn’t ready to (a) nail the answer to that question and (b) make McCain look stupid for asking it, there really is no hope for the man.

i understand that they will be seated somewhat close to each other, so it will be odd indeed if mccain doesn’t notice the senator next to him.

it should have high ratings again, although baseball playoffs will impact it a bit.

I will give it a miss. If it gets exciting, I can see highlights on the morrow. I do hope JMcC comes out swinging. While nasty, the campaign has not had a lot of feeling.

He’s trapped himself – by waving that red meat in front of his rallies, he’s put himself into a position where not bringing it up will make him look like a coward in front of the whole world, especially his hardcore base.


Hopefully tonights will be fun. I’ll be up till all hours watching it anyway as I’m a political junkie with lots of holidays :smiley:

You’re not, by chance, a third grader at Gladys Wood Elementary School?

I think the format and subject both favor Obama. McCain is uncomfortable sitting in one place - not physically I don’t think, just the nervous energy. Sitting at a table favors Obama’s cooler stylistic. The subject is of course the economy and Obama’s scoring there. McCain’s negative campaigning has hurt him; doing it in a debate will only hurt him more but he’s painted himself so much into the corner that e can’t not do it. When he does he opens up his campaign tactics and how dishonorable they’ve been as fair game. He’s touchy 'bout tha

No, I’m a Political Science major taking a course on Elections and Campaigns, therefore watching these sausage fests is a requirement. Anything else?

This saved me having to say it (less well) myself. I have no problem with either candidate. I can agree on some things with both of them, and can disagree on some things. But, they are both good people and I think they are both competent. If I have a problem, it is more about the people who try to ride the coat tails or tack on their own agenda.

True. And if he does bring it up, Obama can respond either 1) We’re here to talk about the economy, and you’re bringing up this silliness; or 2) people change, just like your transition chief who was a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein. So, yeah, McCain has painted himself into a corner.

I think McCain has a great deal riding on this debate. Over and above his comments recently on how he will kick Obama’s posterior, with Obama leading in the polls as well as has, McCain has to create some sort of “wow” factor. All Obama has to do is not screw up so badly that he looks the total fool.

So I believe that we will see McCain take some chances and put himself on the line to a certain extent. In the parlance of our Star Trek bretheren, this could be a very Spock vs. Kirk debate.

I’m watching; hopefully this one will be more interesting than the paint-drying we were subjected to the last round. Some of you are going to play Debate Bingo with me tonight, aren’t you?

You’d think by this age I’d have learned better than to expect anything in the least bit exciting - or even interesting - to happen at a debate, but I still kinda get an echo of a thrill.

Dollars to donuts this one plays out as yet another exchange of boring talking points that respond to neither the moderator nor the opponent. And at this stage in the game, I figure boring will do Obama just fine.

Will be mildly interesting, if we see/hear McCain/Palin voicing all kinds of charges in the upcoming couple of weeks that the somehow forgot to raise in the forum where the other side could directly respond. That’s another reason I’m predicting boring. I see McCain phoning this one in, and then start tossing out wilder and wilder accusations beginning tomorrow.

I suspect Obama’s real reason for trying to get McCain to put up or shut up re: Ayers, is so that he can bring up Keating in response. It’s pretty easy for Obama to blow off Ayers, and I suspect that people aren’t really that worried about violent 60’s era left-wing radicals these day anyways. McCain has already admitted that his relationship with Keating was the biggest mistake of his life though, so its harder for him to treat it as insignificant now, and corrupt finance men smoozing with politicians probably has a lot more resonance for people due to recent events.

I have a follow up question: Do you hear that wooshing sound? :smiley: Santo was referring to a bizarre comment Palin made during her chit chat with Joe Biden. She mentioned that kids at that elementary school got extra credit for watching the debate.

Damn, now THAT was funny.