It's "The Osbournes" meets "Spinal Tap" and it's happening NOW

Somewhere out in a top studio in LA, a band is recording an album. They were signed two years ago for about $2 million dollars after a bidding war, and now, finally, they’re recording their first album, with a top producer at the helm. And you are there.

This thread at is a day-by-day diary by “mixerman,” the engineer on the project.

It’s a scream. You’ll encounter a drummer who can’t drum, a bassist who records the vocals when the singer is away, a producer who doesn’t show up for the first week and keeps everyone waiting in the studio, his nephew, who is the engineer’s assistant, plus lotsa drinking and drugs and bickering.

THRILL to Mixerman chewing a new asshole on his assistant for chronically coming in late
LAUGH at the reason behind the drummer’s nickname of “Cotton”
GASP as Mixerman makes 188 edits to a tape to a drum track

It’s “Spinal Tap,” but this time, it’s for real!