It's the poll, not the posts which matter

If it wasn’t so serious I’d concede that the qunatity and quality of smoke, heat, light and schadenfreude going on 'round 'ere is highly amusing.

But, you know, the more shrill and imaginative this forum gets on prospective ways to prevent, subvert and stymie TRUMP the more worried I get that the underlying attitude of superiority is just what feeds the fires of discontent and only increases the chances of his winning.

We have seen nefarious schemes proposed for 3rd party candidates, speculation on the GOP fractionating, for unfaithful EC voters, for the courts, or the legislators or the Defense Chiefs to circumvent the process.

It’s a plaintive and pathetic “SOMEBODY (else) DO SOMETHING”

But if you want to beat this rooster badly, what is needed is for you to just get up on the stump. Make your case to someone outside the choir. Bang in a couple of lawn signs. Participate. Listen. Rebutt. Persuade a couple of the undecideds. Cast a vote.

You know, people can complain in here and vote: they’re not mutually exclusive.

Personally, I’m never sure if I should try to persuade someone to vote a certain way. A specific policy view is another story. But if they voice their support, there’s an offhand chance that they would just be more determined to actually go and vote once they’ve defended their views and thus are more psychologically committed to it.

In one. Nice.

To amplify:

I protested the Trump rally in Portland last week.

Actually, we need do nothing. Trump will sink his own boat. He can’t behave, it’s not in his personality to do so.

This forum is definitely left leaning, but it expresses much of what is being felt throughout the nation. I’ve been here a couple of election cycles so far, and we’ve pretty much called the major elections. So much so that I expect CNN to start publishing the SDMB survey of American politics as one of their polls.

I was expecting a poll in this thread. :confused:

Every time I bang one in, it gets stolen . . . resulting in my shelling out another $31.85 to Hillary for a new one. It’s as if whoever is stealing them is working for Hillary. :wink:

How many voters does it take to bang in a couple of lawn signs?

Donate money and/or knock on doors for the candidate and/or phone bank. It’s less about persuading anyone at this point and more about turning out the vote for Hillary.

How many people came up to you, thanked you, and told you they had changed their mind after seeing your protest?

Clintons don’t bang in lawn signs. They bang in Little Rock hotel rooms.