It's time to Panic!

Hershey workers are on strike!

Mass panic erupts. People run out into the streets screaming. Tables are overturned. Cars are set on fire. Chocolate stores are looted. Candy is stolen from babies. A chocolate addict falls to his knees in the middle of the street and screams “My God! Why have you forsaken us!”

Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit too much panic. Tone it down a little. Put the car fires out. Lower the decible level of your screams a bit. There we go.

Hersey claims to have built up its inventory before the strike, but how much time do we have before it runs out? While Bush is goofing around sercuring oil reserves with the Saudi crown, who is watching America’s vital chocolate reserves?

We’ll probably make it through this crisis. But just in case, I’m retiring to my underground bunker with a year’s supply of chocolate bars and M&Ms until this whole thing blows over.

Blackclaw, can I be your new best friend?



Oh sure I could always use another friend and…

What a second. Is this “friendship” going to cost me any of my precious chocolate?

Oh my. Just when I was thinking about giving up my second job at Godiva. Guess I’ll have to wait to give notice til the strike is settled. I’d be a fool to leave now.

I heard this on the news last night. I opened my old Infocom Hitchiker’s game and looked at the button. It says “Don’t Panic” in large friendly letters. Didn’t help.

Anytime somebody asks if I’d want to live in the past, I give an emphatic no. For most of history, there was no chocolate! :eek:
Chocolate as a solid, white chocolate, and plenty of other things are very recent inventions. Truly, this is a great time to be alive.
Luckily, the strike is only in the plants actually located in Hershey PA. The company has also been stockpiling chocolate in case of a strike. They say they have a two month supply saved up. But why not tell us in pounds? Is it so you can lie about how much is left? I say hoard like you’ve never hoarded before!

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing my Infocom Hitchhiker’s Peril Sensitive Sunglasses:cool:

Do not worry about M&M’s my dear friends. They are made my M&M/Mars, not Hershey. My fear is losing Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Fast Break bars. I think I will go stock up.

good thing i stocked up on cadbury mini eggs and chocolate bunnies.


Check out the balloon