iTunes store account compromised

well, great. I just got two emails from the iTunes store about my purchases from yesterday. Except, I haven’t made any purchases from the iTunes store for over a month. so now I get to see how good (ha!) Paypal’s dispute resolution is.

Oh, and note to Apple- your marketshare is going up. If you assholes don’t start taking security seriously, you’re gonna get your ass bit just as hard as Microsoft did.

  1. What bit Microsoft in the ass? They have never had a great reputation for security, but Windows still has an overwhelmingly dominant market share. If you mean IE that had to do with many things besides security.

  2. I think it is statistically more probable that something you did was the source of the security breach, as opposed to Apple. If iTunes itself was vulnerable in such a way that someone could just hack your account and make purchases it would be big news.

  3. Hi Opal!

Hijack. Can we put to rest the idea that this meme is funny in the slightest anymore? It’s not.

Examine those emails very closely. I’ve gotten some very well crafted phishing emails lately claiming to be from the iTunes store.

I had the same thing happen to me when 2 gift cards were purchased from my iTunes account and I received the email receipts. I reported the issue to iTunes and my credit card company and had the transactions reversed pretty easily. Of course I changed my password and removed credit card information from the account - any future iTunes purchases I make will be done using iTunes gift cards. I hope your experience is as relatively painless as mine was.

thought of that, but I also have paypal receipts showing the transactions. I’m the only one using my system, so I can’t think of any other way for unauthorized purchases to occur.