I've accomplished nothing

Today marks my third complete day of Spring Break 2005. I have accomplished almost nothing constructive. I’ve been to the ARC (brand-new student gym) twice to work out, I’ve read a lot of Dilbert, Calvin&Hobbes, and science fiction (Reread the Rama series). On Friday I went to 49’er Video and rented 10 DVDs for $14, which I have been diligently watching.
In short:
I’ve done absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be.

Umm… Good for you?

Come back when the week is over and you still haven’t done anything. Then we’ll talk.

I find it laughable that spring break is called ‘reading week’ here. Like anybody actually bothers to read. Well, at least nothing school related.

Why are you not in someplace like Cancun or Panama City Beach?

Because not all of us are rich or otherwise well off. Some of us students cannot afford such luxaries and have to pay for our own college, pay bills, and work.

Don’t know about the OP, but that is why I am not anywhere wasting my time drinking and trying to bag disease infested sluts.

My spring break was this past week, and I didn’t do a damn thing either. :smiley: I wrote my nonfiction paper yesterday (it was also due yesterday, via e-mail), and will do my editing homework tonight. I did do a little reading for my nonfiction class, but mostly I continued the fiction novel that I started reading before the semester began (and that I probably won’t finish until the semester is over :)).

My editing professor made a statement along those lines during our last class before the break – something like he expected most of us to spend the week in Florida. I think he “forgot” that we are all graduate students. :dubious: :slight_smile:

Oh Boo Hoo!

I quit drinking. 'Nuff said. :smiley: