Spring break, WHOOOOOOOO!

Ah, I’ve just handed in my last final. Richard III, hie thee back to the hell from whence thou came, for I am SO SPANKIN’ DONE WITH YOU AND YOUR ILK!

And now it’s a lovely, lovely week and a half of “Oregon sunshine” (read: overcast and drizzling) finally finishing all those half-started books, lazing around and eating leftover pie from Monday, and good regional theater.

Okay, okay, a joke to kick off:

Did Richard III know he was going to be king when he was child?

No, but he had a hunch!


clears throat


Take off your top!!


I jealously bow to your greatness, for I do not have Spring Break until Friday.

[grumble] stupid finals [/grumble]



Oh, wait. I live in the real (read: non-college) world. No spring break from my company.

Well, phooey.

Ooooh! I know I had reading week back in February, but can I come join you for a vacation? Please please please please please?

I wish I were done. I have finals tomorrow and Friday, and a chronic inability to study. Even better than my 8 AM final on Friday (while practically everyone here is done by then) is the nine-hour drive home immediately afterwards with only music is company. But then I’ll be done and life will be good. For a week.

Kythereia – heck yes! You can bring your seashell and we’ll do our best to reenact that old Botticelli thing at the beach. :wink:

I’m lucky in that all of my test-finals were done by Tuesday at 9:30. (Of course, this means I had two 7:30 AM finals on Monday and Tuesday…urg.) The paper I handed in today wasn’t due 'til Thursday at 5, but baby, I am OUTTA HERE! (Er, so to speak. Technically I’m hanging around seeing plays until Friday. But still. OUTTA HERE!)

Guess how many boobs I saw? Fifteen!

I’m “observing” spring break for the first time in 4 years (i’m a teacher) and it is heaven. no drunken trips to the beach for me, just a lot of sleeping in.

Take off your top!!


Wait… the OP said a week and a half. I’ll have you know that the only proper time for Spring Break is a week, because that’s all I get. And it is to start at about 9:30 this Friday, or whenever you finish your 3rd test in 2 days (And we don’t even have to take finals/midterms. :mad: )

Spring Break for me has been finished for a week and a half. I hate this damned quarter system!

Is 32 too old to go on Spring Break?

You think I could pass for some sort of professor doing research on Spring Break? No, I didn’t think so.

Sillies, everybody knows that professors disappear in a puff of academe when their last final is over!

packs up carton of ambrosia and nectar, hauls along Cupid’s bow I’m there! :wink:

I finished my last final about 5 minutes ago so I am now officially on spring break.


I have one at 8 am tomorrow, which means I have to wake up at seven. I haven’t woken up at 7 since the summer when I actually had a job.

Ah, the cursed/blessed life of a college student.

My spring break starts this coming Friday. The twenty-fifth. Words cannot express my annoyance. I have to work most of the time, but I have the twenty-fifth to the twenty-eighth off. I plan to sleep as much as possible. Precious sleep. There may possibly be a very small amount of drinking.

Yeah, I’m the original party girl.

My second final is tomorrow and my third is on Sat at 4pm. My last final is on Mon at 4pm. Curse you finals!

But I’ll have to hang around since my SO won’t be done with finals until 3:30pm on Wed. Then we’ll have exactly one week for spring break, then we’ll have to haul ass back here for another intensive 10 weeks of class. Boo quarter system.

Oh sleep, how I miss thee…goes back to cramming