Ugh I have to do back to school tomorrow

classes start on Monday and tomorrow I’m driving 3 hours back to school. Goodbye 3 week vacation of staying home doing nothing all day. Don’t fret though, I’ll still find some time to post on the SDMB.

Neener neener. I have til the 17th. Of course, I’m spending my break working on fixing the downstairs bathroom of my parents house. So, uh, not very much lazing around for me, either.

I go back Monday as well, but for the first time in eight years, not to take classes. Doing a semester of student mentoring, while I spend the semester applying to grad schools. At least, that’s the plan.

Hmph, I’ve been back for a week already. We don’t get a particularly long winter break, as far as college breaks go.

I asked my boss if I could have “winter break”, and he said sure. As long as I was cool with no more salary.


Enjoy the breaks while you can


I still have another week. I wish I were starting tomorrow. I’m bored out of my mind. I’ve been aimless before (spent a year unemployed and out of school) but it seems harder to deal with when you know that you have something to go back to.

It’s going to be a busy semester with 19 credits and tutoring - assuming my last week of vacation doesn’t bore me into a coma.

Make sure you don’t try to jump while your car is moving.

I also am bored out of my mind. I’m going to start my final semester tomorrow and I just want to get on with it.

Last Wednesday for me.

Of course, I’m teaching. According to my students that’s different.


I’ve never tried, just felt the odd urge to (and always when someone else is driving).

Did you bring your old TV?

in my dorm room I have the 13" Zenith CRT from 1999 with a built-in VCR. I also brought my DVD player and N64 but alas left the laserdisc player at home

How will you impress the chicks?

I tell girls about my laserdisc player and that is impressive enough. If I actually brought it, it would ruin the mystique.

What if your mental girlfriend has a physical boyfriend with a physical laserdisc player?

no one else has a laserdisc player

Ha ha! All schools around here were called on account of snow. You can’t really plow dirt roads.

Of course you can. I’ll grant, however, that the plow drivers in Arkansas may not know how.

I have two weeks left and I’m ok with that. When the break started early last month I was afraid I’d get bored: nope. Between filling out applications for schools to transfer to, the Steam sale, Saints Row 2, and my Kindle I’ve kept myself pretty busy. Now, I have done a single thing that was productive, but oh well.

My wife is jealous that she has to work while I stay home. I told her she’s free to go to Iraq for a couple of Christmases.

Always nice to get an update from our own personal Eeyore.