I finish work in 40 minutes!

In 40 minutes I finish work. On Monday, I will not be returning. Because I have finished working! Yay! I was just working over the summer, before I go back to uni. And now I am done!

All I have to do now is to try and not spend all the money I’ve earned in the first couple of weeks. :slight_smile:

I should probably get off the internet now, and you know, go and do some work…

What you been doing?

I finish in 45 minutes, And then I go to the Pub. Sadly, I will be returning on Monday. Unless that Lottery ticket works out tomorrow…

Hey, same with me. Another 5 hours left, then it’s time to go home and start packing for school.

Gah, I can’t believe that in 3 days I’ll be back at school, cooking and cleaning for myself, 4 hours away from home, 9 hours away from my girlfriend. :frowning:

Come to think of it, I’d think I’d rather the summer get extended so I could keep working and of course, be closer to her.

Alas, I’m at work tomorrow :frowning: and next Saturday :frowning:

…but then I quit and it’s off to Uni I go :smiley:

Finished working yesterday. Was there over an hour late for various reasons, but since I only get broadband access at work, I wasn’t complaining much (There was no actual work to be done).

Packing, one last day with friends, and moving into an apartment Sunday. Can’t wait :smiley:

Office type work. Fileing, writing letters…etc.

And congrats to everyone else who has finished work, or is about to.