Fall Semester Roll Call

It’s that time again, and I’m glad that I can be one to open this thread since I will indeed be in classes for the Fall. I had some troubles last semester and this semester is going to be a turning point in my education, either for the absolute better or the absolute worse.

But who else is back for another semester of college? Or maybe another level of education? Profs? Staff?

College can be a lot like boot camp, it’ll push you until you break and then kick you when you’re down, all the while yelling in your ear. Or maybe that’s just Tech. :smack:


I moved back in completely today. This should really, honestly, I mean it this time, be my last semester of college. I am so glad to be away from my relatives, especially my parents, and this makes me feel like a jerk. I’m taking eighteen hours and working at least two jobs, yet the prospect seems almost relaxing, compared to the thought of any more time at home.

Ahhhhhh!!! CURSE YOU!!! Why? WHY? Why did you remind me? :::cries:::

Actually, I still have over month until school starts, but I will be taking a full schedule this fall. Downside: school is soo much work and I have to actually do stuff. Upside: Um, I uh…get an education? Curses!

For various reasons, I had the prospect of not going back to school this fall looming over me for almost the entire summer. I am, though, thank god. I can’t take living with my parents any longer, I miss my friends horribly, and…well, the choice is New Jersey (home) or Santa Fe (school). Tough one - not.

On the other hand, I’m in a financial bind, and sort of hope I’ll be working full-time, too. Sleep? Who needs it?!

This school year, my last one, might very well kill me. I’m booked Tuesday through Saturday and am currently unemployed. I anticipate not having any social life this year so the money I have right now should hold me over to some degree. I only have one day a week to give to a job (I’m not giving up Sunday) so I have no idea what I can do. I’ll stuff envelopes if I have to!

I’m an academic librarian - while we’ve had classes going on all summer, the numbers are much reduced from the regular academic year.

Classes start back up the 29th, and we’re bracing ourselves. :wink:

Well I officially begin graduate school tomorrow. I will be going to one of the best schools for what I am studying, my research will be actually important (in a very focused sort of way), yet I feel unprepared and intimidated - like I’ve fooled everyone this whole time and now someone will expose me as the fraud I really am. I mean, really, I don’t actually know anything. It was all smoke and mirrors up to this point, and now is the time of reckoning. (cue scary music)

I was a bit old for an undergrad while getting my last bachelor’s, but at least graduate school is more age-diverse, which I’m looking forward to. The people seem wonderfully supportive (I intentionally steered myself away from cutthroat atmosphere schools), but here I am, worrying myself into a migraine.

Well, into the storm head on. Cheers, fellow students!!

Yep, I’m starting my first year of grad school in a few short weeks. I’m going to be TAing - I’m petrified but really excited!

Actually, this year should be more chill than the last, but only marginally. Last year I took 6 and 5 classes per semester, and worked 10 hours per week. This year it’s 3 classes (but more work-intensive ones) and 90 students to take care of, which is supposed to be 20 hours per week but is rarely so, I am told.

I start my second year of my masters on Wednesday … That means TAing, my research, 3 conference papers, 4 classes, a language exam, applying to PhD programs … it’s a good thing I love what I do!

Bleh. I start on the 22nd. I’m starting my second year at a different campus, same school, than the year before just because my school was way too big for me to handle. I’m a bit nervous since I don’t know my way around this campus very well, but I’ve just gotten my driver’s license and I’ll finally be driving to school. :smiley:

I only have classes Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00-4:15. It’ll be nice to have the other days free for lounging/studying/working.

I’ll be starting classes on the 29th as well. Only I have to pack at the end of this week, because I’m going up to Cape Cod for the following week. No time to pack in between returning from Cape Cod and heading up to RPI. Which means I’ll probably be arriving at RPI with some dirty laundry already. Oh joy. Oh, and just to scare you all, here’s what I’m taking:

Quantum Physics
Methods of Theoretical Physics (grad course)
Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
Linear Algebra
Mind, Brain, and Society

I go back in a week (classes don’t start until the week after, but I’ve got band camp.) I’m looking forward to learning things, getting back on a schedule (I’ve been a terrible bum this summer), and not living in a dorm room (I’ll be living with four friends in an on-campus townhouse). I’m not looking forward to marching band or how disappointed my flute teacher will be in me when she finds out how little I practiced this summer (I’m a music major, so that’s really bad.)

I move in on wednesday (three more days!) for my freshman year of college. No parents, partying, and sleeping late! Wohoo! As far as classes, I am in the honors college at my university, so two of my classes are going to be quite difficult. I have probably overloaded myself for my freshman year, but I’m up to the challenge. I managed to squeeze high school into three years, a hefty college schedule shouldnt be too bad.

I dont know about the rest of y’all, but Im pretty excited, no?

Oh, my school starts aug 22, honors students can move in early though.

What classes are you taking, Tamryne?

(I just love everything having to do with school schedules)

I move back the 19th, and I’m taking this semester easy. 19 hours, but all easy stuff.

Oral Comm - Right. Challenge there
Elementary French I - I took French I and III in high school, and was always first in the state on that silly standardized test
Elementary Spanish - Could probably just go every other day and do well. Soy bueno con los lingues, y puedo hablar un pequeno de espanol ahora.
Independent Study - German - German is so cool!
Calculus II - Got an A in Cal I.
University Physics I - took it in high school, but just got credit for College Physics.

I start grad school on the 23rd at my uni of employment. I’m going to be taking it one class at a time, so this might take up to three years. I’m doing it because I know bits and pieces at the Masters level, and I want to be able to connect all of the dots. Plus. I’m doing Masters level work as it is, so I may as well get the book knowledge to go along with it.


I’m going to start teaching my first course ever next month. I don’t really feel the stress yet, but I will pretty soon, since I’m going to start seriously preparing my course next week. I’ve TAed before, but this is different: I’m now the one who has to ensure that I cover all the material I have to cover, and I have to prepare course material. At least, what I’m teaching is a pre-university level course where the subject matter is standard, and I can get help from the other section’s teacher, as well as last year’s teacher.

I also have to finish my master’s degree. I haven’t started to write my thesis yet, but I will in the next days (I guess), and this is what really scares me.

At least, this should all be over come Christmas.

Eeek, severus! Is it at least a subject you know really well? Any TAing tips you want to give me?

We start on the twenty-second as well, but this week is move-in time. Just for fun, here is my schedule.

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
International Trade
Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions
Intermediate Financial Management I
Fundamentals of Investing
International Finance

The first three are economics and the other three are finance.

I have so much to do this week. I have to straighten out various housing and financial aid snafus, look for another job, have a meeting with my boss at the computer lab, and, when I get some time, go visit my (now former) boss at the switchboard and listen to her whine about not getting me back for this semester. (Don’t you just love work-study schedules?) :smiley:

It’s a pre-university level linear algebra class. Yes, I know the subject very well. The hard part will be to teach it to students who will probably be there because they failed their high school linear algebra class, and who probably won’t want to be there at all (because they might hate mathematics, or because the class doesn’t even count in their degree – they only have to take it because they are not deemed ready for the first linear algebra class).

As for TAing, it really depends on what your field is. I’ve only been a TA for mathematics classes, so this is the only thing I can talk about. What I’ve noticed is that I often tend to underestimate the time I will need to talk about what I’ve prepared. In other words, I often run out of time. I’m better now because I know it and I can adapt. You’ll probably have to give a few talks and see what you can improve.

By the way, what are you studying?