So who's pumped about their classes for next semester?

So winter break is over in a few days. It was a beautiful thing. I watched six seasons of Becker and didn’t shave for 9 whole days. Now class and work starts up tomorrow. 17 credit hours but it’ll be okay.

I can’t wait to take the first Spanish class. It’s gonna rock. I’m nervous as heck though. I mean a whole other langauge! Been trying to learn it on my own with mixed success at best.

I have another class I’m taking. that’s been canceled twice now. Ever semester since last winter I sign up for it, and every time on the day before class it gets canceled. It’s like teasing a cat with academic string. We’ll see.

How about ya’ll?

I see I’m not the only one who bummed around for the past three weeks. I saw three seasons of Veronica Mars and only switched sweaters three times.

I start year 2.5 at law school in one week. I’m moving in my dorm room tomorrow for a week of studying so that I can get a head start. In about three weeks I’ll probably fall behind anyway.

I am quite excited, because I will be in Buenos Aires. Where it will be summer. And not Minnesota. Right now, it is -6 F here and … oh… 77 F there.

There are other things too, I guess, but that’s mostly what I am excited about.

But, wow, you guys start early. I won’t be starting until the 25th, just a week later than everyone else at my school.

For the last three weeks, I have watched dvd after dvd from netflix, while shopping for winter clothing. Definitely needed some downtime.

Monday, I go back to school for my final semester. I graduate with my B.A. in Criminal Justice in May, assuming I complete my second ASL course and the final CRJ class, along with an internship (no one ever fails that, heh). I’m really worried about the ASL course…I felt myself falling behind a bit in the previous one that I took during the fall. It’s interesting and kinda fun, but I stress a lot over it each week and we are given more tests than I have ever had in one course. One test every fourth class.

I’m looking forward to completing my degree, but I’m not pumped or excited or anything. I’m saving that for May 5th. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to my Directing Class and my Intro to Costuming class. (I actually had a dream about that one where a thread of my clothes got stuck in the sewing machine and I sewed my shirt into the costume.) What’s not looking so hot is the Modern Latin American Literature class. I can tell there’s going to papers up the wazoo y mi habilidad escribir en espanol no es buena.

I’m really looking forward to taking Radiographic Pathology. I think it will be an interesting class. Plus, I graduate in May.