Fall Semester, Anyone?

I love the threads on here about what everyone is taking, but often don’t get to contribute until the very end. Well, it’s Tuesday night - our semester started yesterday morning. So far, classes are great.

I’m taking:

Spanish I
Language and Linguistics I
Survey of English Lit. I
Major English Authors after 1800
Theory/Practice in Composition

Not too bad for a senior. I figure I did okay at keeping my lower level courses balanced so I get a pretty easy fall this year (with being a new parent and all)

So, college-dopers, whatcha taking?

Brendon Small

Starting my Junior year and finally on track for my major. After jumping from English to History, I have finally settled on… Finance. Bit of a leap, but it just fits better.

I’m starting back up with my honors classes also. The class material is harder, but I’l take harder classes and class sizes around 20 people vs. easier classes surrounded by 60 blank faced souls (of which maybe 40 will make it to the end of the semester). Having more experienced honors professors helps immesurably, especially when they have real world experience and internship connections.

Class roster:

Business Statistics Honors
Politics of Globalization
The Presidency
Principles of Finance Honors
Survey of Architectural History

I had to sneak in that last history class, forgive me! I couldn’t take a pure history minor because of my rather… short attention span for dry history professors, but with an alternate major I can pick and choose which history classes I want to take. This one fills a requirement anyways, so it’s a bonus history period with an amazing professor.

Classes started August 20th, so after this post I have readings to do. Good luck this semester college Dopers!

Starting my senior year (woohoo, I’m a senior for once!) at the end of September:

Magic in the Ancient World
Art of Victory in Ancient Greece
Minoan Art and Archaeology
Anthropology of Dangerous Other

Starting a master’s program after being out for ten years…

Environmental Geochemistry
Climate Change
Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions

I have one class, American Literature. I’m looking to become a pharmacist, but I didn’t make it in for this fall. So I had only this one class short of my associates so I figured I would just go ahead and take it. I’m taking it on-line so it doesn’t interfere with work.
It also helps that I have my wife doing the actual work…

While it’s still my goal to earn at least an Associates and hopefully a Bachelors, I haven’t actually started taking any of the GE classes yet.

Still taking the fun ones, with the more immediate goal of earning 4 or 5 Career Certs. (all are also AS majors) from the JC. I think I might start mixing the GE classes in come spring. We’ll see.

Since I’m also working full time, I guess I’m on the 6 or 7 year plan for a 2 year degree. That’s OK with me.

Anyway, 3 classes this semester:

World Viticulture and Wine Styles
Viticulture: Fall Practices
Vineyard Management

Classes started last week and I really like all of them. Looking forward to this semester.

Structural Geology
GIS: Theory and Methods
African American Lit
Health and Fitness for Life

I start next Wed.

Topics in American Social History

Russian I
Russian I lab
Understanding US Healthcare
Russian History and Politics
Independent Research on Youth Culture and Russian Politics
German Popular Cinema

Can we see a pattern here? I’m nearing the end of the degree and it’s getting very, very focused!

ETA: Additionally, working 35 hours a week, and opening a new store in Clearwater in October. Yay!

Teaching Reading in Secondary School Content Areas
Psychology of Education
Secondary Choral Lit Lab

That should be it for my courses, and I should be student teaching next semester.

Another grad student. Should be interesting to see how this all pans out.

Programming language theory
Machine learning
Database systems

Classes started last week and I am quite excited about my classes.

Elementary Behavioral Statistics
Medical Ethics
Undergraduate Seminar in German (film/lit)
Intermediate Spanish 1
Social Psychology

Packing up my binders and books on Sept. 10. :slight_smile:

Canadian Fiction
Poetry and Prose, 1660-1800
Fiction before 1832
Fiction, 1832-1900
Drama to 1603
Drama, 1660-1800

Classes don’t start for me for another two weeks (hooray for quarters!), but I’ll be starting my senior(ish) year*. I’m only taking two classes (so not technically full time-- short by two credits, as full time for us is 12 credits) because one of my classes is senior sem and it involves buttloads of writing and reading that I’d like to exclusively focus on.

So, I’m taking:

Poli Sci 490- Senior Seminar
History mumble mumble something or another- Europe 1815-1914.

*I say senior-ish because I am technically a senior, it’s just that I’m not sure if the classes I need will be offered throughout the year.

Good luck in seminar. I took mine over the summer, and it wasn’t bad. Oddly enough, I did my presentation on a sociological topic (welfare reform) and I am an English major. My teacher was an Electrical Engineering prof and there was a huge disconnect, but it went really well.

Senior-ish year sucks, just because it’s a gamble about what will be offered. I should be done this semester, but instead will need a few classes in spring (if they are even offered then). Best part (woo hoo gloating) is that January will be the beginning of my fourth year. I have been in class every summer, spring break, and winter break. It’s getting ridiculous.

Brendon Small

Physics 2213 - Introduction to Modern Physics
Physics 3021 - Stellar Astrophysics
Math 2403 - Differential Equations
Computer Science 1371 - Computing for Engineers (even though I’m not planning to be an engineer, this is required for some reason.)
Psychology 2230 - Abnormal Psychology

I’m in for an interesting semester, I think.

Can’t you guys look at past class schedules to see what is offered and when? My adviser made me sit down and plan out exactly what I need to take to graduate based on past class schedules. I guess at my university it doesn’t vary that much (although a class will be canceled if enrollment is low).

ENGL 611 Studies in Rhetoric: Rhetoric, Ecologies, and Networking

School started last night for me. I’m a grad student, working on an M.A. in English, and this is the last class I need to take before I write (and submit) my thesis. It’s with a professor who I’ve had for two other classes, and the topic is pretty interesting – to me, anyway. :slight_smile: Our required reading list consists of four books:[ul][li]*Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software* by Steven Johnson[/li][li]Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell[/li][li]Sync or Swarm: Improvising Music in a Complex Age by David Borgo[/li][li]Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory by Bruno Latour[/ul][/li]I actually read Blink a couple of years ago: I borrowed it from a friend shortly after it was published. I’m looking forward to re-reading it. And last year I read another book of Johnson’s, Everything Bad is Good for You. And I’m a musician, so I’m really looking forward to the stuff on improvisation. All in all this should be a really good class for me, and a nice way to end grad school!

Senior year fall

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Social Cognition
  • Environmental Geoscience (damn science core)
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Gnostic Christianity

I may be making some changes however, as the class evaluations on some of these were terrible.

And for those of us who teach:

This year I’m teaching 3 sections of American Government/Economics, 1 section of AP European History, and 1 section of Forensics (Speech & Debate).