I've been accepted to Americorps! W00t! W00t!

Just got my letter in today, it reads:

*Ms. First-&-Last-Name-That’s-None-‘O’-Yo-Bidness,

Congratulations! You have been conditionally selected to serve with AmericorpsNCCC program…

I’ve been asigned to the Perry Point, Maryland campus and my tenure starts in January. Yay! leaps up and down breathlessly in excitement

Everyone’s so happy for me, my aunt and uncle and everybody. My foster brother grilled me on where I was going but after he learned we would be living on a military base he relaxed and said, “Well, that sounds all right.” I haven’t told my boyfriend yet, though.

So yeah. With a little luck I’ll be leaving out in a few months on my big adventure. Any MD Dopers out there? Maybe we could have a little mini-Dopefest or something, I’ve always wanted to go to one.

Yay me! Hee hee!

What be this “americorps”? Be they privateers, or proper pirates? Be the booty rich in Maryland waters these days?


'Grats on tagging a goal there, Nichol_storm. Tell us a little bit about it. How long does it last? What do you do?

The lengths some girls will go to in order to escape Mississippi! :wink: