I've been cleaning the parking lot, & digging out the drainage ditch.

And I’m hurting.

The Word Came Down from On High that our Photo Lab’s parking lot looked like a wasteland.

Guess who gets to clean it?

Earth had migrated over the concrete curbs, weeds grew profusely from cracks in the asphalt, and the parking lot’s drainage ditch hasn’t been cleaned out since the building was constructed, back in 1976.

That concrete-lined ditch had 4 inches of earth, topped with an inch of turf in it. One area had 7 inches of earth, & an inch of turf.

My tools? Broom, dustpan, a shovel, & a trash can instead of a wheelbarrow. I needed a mattock & a hoe, too, but didn’t get one.

Temperatures have reached the 90’s very early in the AM these last few days (today is an exception), and humidity has been high.

I’ve been starting at 5:30 AM, & going on until 8:30 or 9. Started Tuesday, finished today.

I’m finally done.

All that sun has left me feeling a little crazy.

Bet it looks really nice, though.

Before and After pics?


Did you find any gloves?

Hope you just used some Roundup on those weeds. Spray it on Tuesday, pick up the dead stuff today. Figure if the job’s gonna take a few days of digging, why waste the back pain on pulling weeds too…

You could have borrowed my wheelbarrow if you wanted…
Oh you’re already done? Nevermind :smiley:

It’s been this way for 29 years and now that the heat of the summer has arrived, they’re suddenly in a hurry?

Doesn’t generate a lot of faith in management’s foresight or judgement.

We’re putting in a car parking space in our hilly back yard, and I’ve been digging it out. I actually like the digging - good exercise, clears your head. Course, I’m doing it because I want to, not because I have to - that makes a huge difference. And if it improves our property value, all the better. My back and legs ache in sympathy.

So can you answer your emails now?

Only from home.