I've Been In an Auto Accident, But I Am OK

About 2 hours ago while driving to my therapist, ironically, I was in a car accident. Basically, a young woman going the opposite way turned left in front of me and it was too late to stop. Both of us are all right, although the same can’t be said of the front end of either car. We’ve exchanged insurance information, talked to the police, etc. and I’ve now got a rental car, not to mention a re-scheduled appointment with that therapist. I’m also trying to get hold of my insurance agent.

I’m pretty tough, but still a bit shaky. Also, my neck hurts like you wouldn’t believe. It could be stress, and my next stop is a nice bath set about 2 degrees shy of scalding, but if it’s something I should worry about (the infamous whiplash?), would someone please let me know? Qadgop, I’d particularly appreciate your opinion. I won’t break down in tears until after the insurance info is sorted out, but when that happens, I wouldn’t mind a hug or two or a shoulder to cry on.

I’ll post back later this evening.


You didn’t have a single typo. I think that’s a good sign. :slight_smile:

I’m going to leave the medical advice to someone else but sure am glad you’re okay.

Well, whatever you do, see your doctor about that neck. Today, or tomorrow the latest. It might be superfluous, but it might be the thing that saves you from migraines for the rest of your life.

Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to a colleague.

Glad to hear you’re OK, though. If all the damage is to the cars, you were both lucky - accidents happen. But honestly, get that neck checked out.

Glad to hear that you’re OK. It sucks to have all the stuff to do after an accident, doesn’t it? Just when you need to get over the shock, you have to make all the arrangements to have your car towed, get a rental, talk to the police, etc…

Did any of the local newshounds get to the accident scene? I was just wondering if you’ll be on Channel 11 talking to Amy Marcinkewicz or Emilie Story or someone else with a weird name- maybe even Jessica Borg from Channel 2.

Rush fans think alike. :slight_smile:

That really sucks. The same thing happened to me last week except that my neck doesn’t hurt and the other peson isn’t hurt either.

At least you don’t have a traffic ticket fight though.

Definately get your neck checked out and don’t sign anything saying it’s ok or accept any form of payment for pain and suffering yet.

Hang in there, it will all get sorted out eventually.

First, glad to hear you are (mostly) OK. Follow everyone’s advice and get yourself to the doctors ASAP and get it on record that your neck is sore.

Did the police ticket either of you? In my limited experience if they are called out at least one party walks away with some sort of ticket.

You really need to see a doctor and put a claim into the insurance. If you don’t do it soon, they can claim your injuries aren’t from the accident. Glad to hear you’re OK!

cjhoworth, I’m glad you’re okay, but I agree with the others. Have your neck seen to by a doctor, and also for other signs of trauma and shock.

Here’s a cyberhug for you. Best I can do, sorry.


Take care.

I was in a wreck this weekend. My neck did hurt a little, but in my case it was just the tensing up and the big adrenaline rush. Definitely have them take a look at it.

Glad nothing is more serious than twisted metal (hopefully).

I’ve been in 2 wrecks in the past 3 years.

Nasty experience.

Rule #1–never admit anything.

Rule #2–never accept the first offer from your insurance company, or the other driver, no matter how fair they seem. You can do better.

Take a few days sick leave & rest. Even if it’s unpaid leave. You can ask for back pay as part of your settlement.

Please. PLEASE. Go to the doctor now.

Last month a former co-worker of my wife’s was in an accident. She went home after the accident and was found dead in her apartment three days later. An otherwise healthy young woman.

That, IMHO, proves that you just never know.

I thought I heard an ambulance.

minty green, esq.

I was in a dissimilar accident last weekend - I wiped out sledding with my fiance, and now have to sleep immobile on my back with a figure-8 brace pulling my shoulders into an unnatural military hard-ass at attention pose. Broken clavicles are not fun at all. And anyone who said it was cool to be able to get some vicodin can have my broken bone, too! (I have to wear that freakin’ brace and a sling 24/7. But it sucks worst at night.)

Get your neck checked out. You owe it to yourself.


CJ, I’ve only just seen this thread and tried calling but keep getting a busy signal so can’t give you the shoulder to cry on.

For now, here’s the hug -


That done, get yourself to a doctor straight away. You do not ignore neck injuries.

I’ve spoken to the insurance agent and found out I’ve got $5,000 USD of medical coverage, which is a bit of good news. I’ve also passed on all the relevant information about the other woman’s insurance to my insurance agency, so the two of them can fight it out between themselves. Still, for obvious reasons, I’d prefer not to say anything more about the details of the accident.

As for my neck, the hot bath helped, as did putting a hot pack on it. I’ve had a crick in my neck for the past two days, so I’m going to let it go over night. I’ve got a job interview tomorrow morning not far from my insurance agent’s office, so if it’s still bad then, I’ll drive over and talk to him about how to go about getting it covered, since I don’t have health insurance right now. Among other things, one of my set reactions to stress is a neck ache, and it was certainly a stressful afternoon. I did say something about my sore neck to the police officers at the scene, so it should be on record.

The tow truck drivers told me there are 10-14 accidents per week at the corner where I had mine, and there was a good place to get out of the way and exchange information. Neither of us received any kind of ticket or fine, and sorry, Steelerphan, I didn’t see any television stations around, so I’m afraid I’ll still have to leave you in suspense about what I look like.:wink: It was funny. While I was driving home, I was waiting to make a left turn and someone honked, possibly because I wasn’t turning when they thought I should, and I thought, “Boy, have you got the wrong day, buddy!”

I’m still pretty shaky emotionally, even though I called a very dear friend. One proof the therapy’s been working is I’m taking this a lot better than I would have a year or two ago. Still, tonight I’m being good to myself. No GD, no BBQ Pit, and no unnecessary sources of stress. I’m going to sit in my rocking chair with my knitting (cross stitch will make my neck hurt more), and relax. I also plan on having a cup of hot chocolate made with real milk. I’ve got my favorite warm fuzzy slippers on, and a nice comfy sweater that will let me put hot packs on my neck. I’ve even got an adequate supply of books on hand, although I was going to stop by the library on my way back from this trip. I can do that tomorrow.

Yes, I promise if my neck still hurts tomorrow, I’ll go and see a chiropractor/AK practioner who comes highly recommended by a couple of good friends. She’s also only a few miles from where I live.

Thanks for letting me ramble. All of a sudden bodypoet’s Comfort Party sounds like a better idea than ever.


Ouch! Here’s hoping you get better soon! Take care of yourself - I’ll “me too” all the good advice already given.

cjhoworth , I don’t know if you drink(alcohol) or not, but if you do, maybe a leetle drop of something in the hot chocolate would help. Or chocolate cookies. Or chocolate ice cream. Or chocolate…you get my drift. Sounds like a comfy evening. Do it more than once. I’m glad to hear you are doing as well as the circumstances allow. And I’d get that neck looked at no matter how much better it feels.

cj – now that we’ve been in the same Valentines-exchanging group, we’re practically related, right?


I totalled a car a few years ago and got pretty banged up – heat and lots of Motrin will take care of a lot of it.

Oh honey. You poor thing. You walk very carefully–here, lean on me a bit as we go–right over to my comfort thread. We have plenty of warm packs, several massage folks, and just all sorts of goodies to pamper you until you get back on your feet.
All you others who have hurt yourselves lately are invited too.

{{careful hugs for all the injured Dopers}}