I've Been Invited to Join the American Legion!

I opened the envelope, and it had check off boxes for your years of service-included was one box that said “Service Dates Nov. 1915-Nov. 1918”
How many people fit into that category.
Anyway, what does joining a legion post involve-is it a good deal?

My Dad was the post commander of the local Legion for as long as I could remember. I spent a small chunk of my childhood there. It was nothing but a bar where they all smoked, drank (not surprising then that congestive heart failure and alcoholism were the reasons my Dad was in his grave at 55 years) and played poker and pool. YMMV.

Vets group seeing membership fall

The local outfit invited me to join last year. I was a little surprised seeing as I’ve never been in the military.

I am a retired Army officer. My day was very active in the Legion. It let him smoke and drink without my mom knowing about. He was dead at 69.

The local Legion hall is located across the street from the ‘Assisted Living Apartments.’ They have a nice early bird dinner special. All in all, they are not aiming at my demographic. (And I am almost fifty years old.)

Heck with them. If they wanted to get younger vets to join, they would get rid of the bar and add a health gym.

I belonged to the Women’s Auxilliary and my ex and his father were members for years. I did some bartending. We all drank. I catered a couple events there. It’s pretty much exactly how woodstock989 describes it.

I was asked to join a couple of times. I turned them down, because (a) I couldn’t in good faith join an organization which supports the flag burning amendment and (b) If I wanted to hang out and drink, I’d go to bars after work instead of night school.