I've been watching Royal Pains, anyone else?

Since we decided to simplify our life, one of the things we’ve eliminated is big cable bills. We have basic TV, which doesn’t include anything past channel 29.

Sooo, I’ve started watching some things online to amuse me when there’s nothing to see on network.

Royal Pains is one of my semi-secret vices.

The medicine isn’t perfect, but not as bad as House, and the characters are not very believable.

That said, I’m really enjoying it.

Anyone else have a secret sappy vice?

I have Royal Pains programmed into my DVR. It’s light, popcorn entertainment, but there’s always some cute babes to ogle and other nice scenery. The characters are mostly superficial, but some of them are well-enough realized to piss me off (like Evan).

Yeah, I especially like Campbell Scott as Boris, the German multi-billionaire. And Henry Winkler as Eddie, Hank and Evan’s dad.

Watched it a few times, and disliked it. I cannot stand his brother, who is nothing more than a leech. Hank should have given him the boot on day 1.

I watch it and I like the brother.

I watch it, and Boris is my favorite. I’m convinced he’s secretly an assassin, and half the time he looks like he wants to take out everyone in HankMed. I wish they would do a spinoff of him being an assassin…

Oh, I’m watching it. It’s cheesy, but I’m sucked in by the USA suite of shows, and I can’t quit them.

Plus, the title song is catchy, and I love the house that Boris lives in.

I agree about the “USA suite of shows” - they are uniformly entertaining and worth watching. I just wish they’d re-edit their opening credits once in awhile like grown-up networks do.

Just don’t touch Burn Notice’s intro.

“You know spies, Mike. A bunch of bitchy little girls.”

We haven’t seen the hemophiliac kid and his girlfriend in a while. He was always a welcome presence.

Psych does.

We like the show, and I turned my brother onto it as well. Along with White Collar and Psych and a few others, USA has a pretty decent line up.

Royal Pains is fun, great location shots (wouldn’t mind have Boris as a friend and living in the East Wing of his house!).

Don’t really like Henry Winkler, and agree that the brother is a real Royal Pain, but the stories are entertaining enough to keep us tuning in.

That’s true, and they are uniformly great. I especially like their “special” versions of the opening montage, like for Christmas each year, and the Twin Peaks episode.

Every time I see those credits I can’t help but think that they got Mark Fuerstein to do the underwater shot long before they ever broached the idea with the other actors. (Who apparently said “Get the fu-- out of here!”)

Other than that, if it’s on I’ll watch it, just to see the kind of Jack Bauer-type traveling that they’re able to do during the summer in the Hamptons. (e.g. Southampton to Amagansett in five minutes.)

I wish they had kept In Plain Sight.

Who says it’s gone? It’s been renewed for another couple of seasons.

I watch and love many of the USA shows, too:

Royal Pains
Psych (my favorite of this group)
Burn Notice
White Collar
Covert Affairs (more entertaining than I first expected, it will be back this summer for season 2)
Fairly Legal (too early to tell whether I’ll stick with this one–it’s just okay so far)

All the others, on their individual sites have, at least an approximate return date, In Plain Sight doesn’t. I’m just guessing.

From Wikipedia:

According to USA Network,