I've been watching Royal Pains, anyone else?

Cool. Thanks for the update. I’m happy to be wrong.:slight_smile:

A good list, thanks!

As a child of the 70s, I find many parallels to the classic shows of my youth. For instance, “Burn Notice” to me is a reincarnation of “Magnum PI.” A group of friends, with highly honed skills, using them mostly to help friends and family rather than for profit, and with plenty of humor and chumship along the way. And voice-overs.

“Psych,” to me, is a reincarnation of “Get Smart” - a half-lucky, half-skilled idiot savant, along with his facially-expressive and much less addled sidekick, solve mysteries that nobody else can, while their befuddled superiors roll their eyes and audiences chuckle to a plethora of catch phrases.

“White Collar” is of course a throwback to Robert Wagner’s “It Takes A Thief,” and incorporates all the charm and dashing.

“Fairly Legal” doesn’t remind me of any old shows, but I really like it so far, and have high hopes.

I don’t know why I watch it, but I do.
The medicine is horrible, Hank and Evan need a good slap and their patients are generally awful.
Oh yes, I like Divya and I am secretly hoping she’ll stab one of them.

Burn Notice is a league above all the other USA shows. My husband loves to mock Fiona’s fake irish “Miami” every time the opening credits come on.

I like it. My proposed tagline for Royal Pains, spoken in super-exaggerated Long Island lockjaw:

“Of course I have a rare disease… I’m rich!”

My wife wishes I’d stop saying it throughout every episode.

I love Royal Pains for the most of the reasons listed above; and I even recognize that the things I hate are good plot devices and act as catalysts to make viewers watch the show.

For example, I freaking HATE the blonde dr. She’s downright evil. On my hate scale, she’s the Diane Chambers of Cheers.

You might consider stopping the torment of a woman who has access to your sleeping body. Just sayin’.
I keep watching *Royal Pains *in spite of Hank’s really annoying diagnostic skillz. I wish my doctor could figure out what’s wrong with me in less than 10 seconds.

Well, if that happened, he would want to send you to the hospital for some tests, but then you’d be obligated to refuse on the basis that “I’m rich and have better things to do with my time” which would then lead to you getting worse and him coming back to heroically save you and this time you’re going to the hospital and no arguments this time he really means it.

I kid, but I still like the show.

I like his character, but I just like her. <swoon> A real hottie.

Ha-ha, TBG. I’d be one of the locals who won’t go to the hospital because I’m broke and have to work my regular shift tonight.

Did they ever restart the romance between the hospital administrator lady and the doc? I recall they broke up/reconnected several times in S1.

I saw the first season. I need to catch up on S2.

Hank is hooking up with someone else (introduced in season 2), but there may still be some feelings between Hank and Jill.
Oh, and :smack:, thanks to this thread I finally realized that the actor who plays the teenage son in the movie City Island is the hemophiliac kid in Royal Pains. I knew I recognized him from somewhere, but I couldn’t place it (and I wanted to see if I could remember it myself before “cheating” and checking IMDB). Thanks, thread!

Evan bringing the whole reality show cast and crew to the exclusive club seemed over-the-top even for him. Kind of a contrived plot device to create conflict between him and his girlfriend.

Ah, you’re the other plot of the episode, then! :wink:

I stopped watching after he punched a hole in a water bottle to treat a dog bite.

I thought, gee, they’re just shoe-horning in the whole macguyver-as-doctor angle.