I've been workin' on the railroad...

…all the live-long day.



I’ve been workin’ on the railroad,
Just to pass the time away.
Don’t you hear the whistle blowing?
Rise up so early in the morn.
Don’t you hear the captain shouting
“Dinah, blow your horn?”

Colorado (AP) __ News reports of an unidentified railroad being erected near Manitoba, CO have prompted a statewide investigation into what appears to be a new form of construction-based terrorism. Police have leads on the apparent leader of the group, codenamed “Dinah,” who is suspected of such activities as blowing a horn, strumming on the ol’ banjo, singing, and occupying a kitchen with another member of the terrorist cell. Further reports will follow as more information becomes available.


(Long story made tedious: One of the first gifts my father gave my mother when they were courting was, of all things, a railroad spike. His general answer to a “why a railroad spike” is, alternately, that it seemed like the right thing to do at the time or that it was meant to"tie" them together. I’m here and they’re still married so if the later is the case it’s worked. Gave Mrs P a railroad spike at one point and it seems to be doing its job, too… {shrugs})

“ALLLLLL the live long daaaaayyyyyy…”