I've discovered something about people

try this:
If you want someone to agree with you about something fairly trivial, agree with something they say, than imedeately say what you want them to agree with as if what they said reminded you. Nine times out of ten, they will automaticly agree with it.

Peoples reactions to the same question will differ if the question is restated in a different manner. I did a paper on this in pyschology.

Also in sales work I’ve noticed if you get people agreeing with statements like “aren’t daytime running lamps a good thing?” Who would say no, or “you do want a good deal right?” “I’ve got you a great deal doesn’t this sound great?” Most of the time if you did a good job, they’ll just be like sure and won’t even sqauble over price, or you just tell them that you gave them the discounted price to start with. They like that too.

People walk blindly throughout the day, just waiting for someone to smack them with a 2by4.

I am amazed at the simplicity of people, or maybe it’s just their stupidity.

I’m sure salespeople count on it. I don’t let salespeople extend a conversation once I’ve said “I’m not interested.” Of course, this is generally with door to door salespeople. I understand that, from the salesperson’s point of view, a conversation is an opportunity for them to change my mind. Shut them down immediately.

It’s a fun little tactic (get the customer in the pattern of agreeing, saying “yes”, then hit 'em with the closer) that sales staff use.

Far more fun, however, is when the customer knows what’s going on and can keep their head enough to ruin the script and say “no” at just the right moment. Throws the salesperson right off their stride.