talking to sales reps

Perhaps due to my nonconfrontational disposition, I find it difficult to talk to sales people. We are in the process of buying replacement windows for our house, actually, just the back porch, and a new entry door. Right now it’s screens with jallisie (sp?) windows. We want it to be year-round comfortable as a family room. So, three companies have come by for estimates. One of the companies we’ve kind of written off, even though they are the cheapest. The other two are much bigger operations, and also manufacture their own products. Now, between these two companies, competition must be fierce, because they talk about each other in thinly veiled ways. One guy especially showed us papers and “facts” that were contrary to what the other rep told us (and his price is by far the highest, $2-3K more).

How do you argue with these people? I let them do there speil and then I talk it over with my wife. I’m always skeptical of claims made by sales people. But, dang it, some of it is very convincing. Do I challenge the assertions I disbelieve immediately? These questions applies to any kind of shopping situation, be it cars, home appliances whatever. And the better the salesman the harder it is because the guys are trained to handle this stuff (or maybe the good salesmen just like to argue).

Anyway, in general, how do you deal with slick sales people who have “all the answers”? (And it’s always his product that’s the best.)

Their job is to convince you that their product is the best. Your job is to do as much research as you can to assure yourself that you’re not being cheated.

As for me, I let sales guys say whatever they want. I’ll ask questions and smile and nod, then look into things myself. And if I think the sales guy is too slick, I completely write him off. If I don’t trust him, he’s out of the running.

Facts are your friend in this case. Do your research and make your decision based on those facts you have found, then let the sales person you go with know what you want. Let the other know that you have made a decision based on the facts you have looked up and you will not be needing his services.

Check through Consumer Reports or other similar 3rd party reviews and see what you can find.

Good luck.