I've got a Floater. Damn.

Yup. A mote in mine eye. What a drag. It’s only really noticable when I read, but as I am a full-time college student, work full-time in a high-pressure tech position, and not to mention an avid reader, that means I’m reading something or other pretty much all the time. It’s like a little smudge about the size of a letter “a” in a paperback book that hovers just exactly where my attention is directed. I just went to the eye doctor this lunch-time, and he says it’s nothing. Just your run-of-the-mill floater, and it will eventually (probably) go away.

Ever have one? How long did it last? If I were to smash my head against a wall repeatedly, might I dislodge it?

You know, if this thread had been started by Lieu, there was no way I was going to open it . . .

You’ll either dislodge the floater … or your brain!

Mmmmmm … brain …

– Ponder Stibbons (Not A Zombie)

I have a floater in each eye. Been there for years. The one in my right eye is more of just a dot with a tail. Left eye is pretty much just a dot.

I’ve named them, Lefty for the left one and Fred for the right.

Doc did say there was a way to get rid of them. Drain your eye and replace the fluid. My brother had to have that done due to some eye injury, said that it is very unpleasant and the fluid replacement is sort of oily. Did it while he was conscience too, that just sounds bad. After many surgeries he ended up losing the eye anyway.

You mean they’re supposed to go away?

I’ve got them in each eye - one in my left, two in my right - and I amuse myself at stoplights by darting my eyes from one side to the other and watching the floaters drift across the sky and distort into other shapes.

I call the big one ‘Bitey’.


My wife has them so bad that she can no longer work as a finance officer. It’s too difficult for her to read the computer screen and all those little numbers.

They get more pronounce when you go out in cold weather, as well. I have a few, but I rarely notice them any more.

My opthamologist says that floaters are common at my age (old) and that they are nothing to worry about unless they are blocking my vision. The big one in my left eye that got me so worried has gone away. I don’t know what lno has, but mine don’t move around when I move my eyes. They maintain the same size and shape, the big one was shaped like a carrot, and sat at a 2:00 position until it just faded away.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’ve got two. The one in my right eye is kinda like a wirery hair.

To me they are most noticable when I focus to infiniti (stare at the sky or horizon).

If you try to look directly at them, they appaer to slide or float just ahead of the point of focus. I assume that is what Ino means by moving around.

And I thought you were going to talk about a poor dead fishy. That reminds me of my poor dead fish(ies). Poor lil Lemonade fish died and I dreamt about it. Man, I was one weird little kid… But anyway, I have a lot of floaters…they’re annoying as hell,
aren’t they? Right…
Now, off to mourn for my dead fish.

I have one in my left eye. It kind of looks like those little broken pieces you get in a pack of Ramen noodles. I’m 24 and it’s been there as long as I can remember. I can only see it when I look at something bright (the sky, the tv…). I used to play games with it. I’d bob my eye up and down and see if I could “catch” it. By catching it, I mean getting it to stop moving. It never worked.
Strangely enough, I also have one in my right eye but I don’t know if it qualifies as a floater. I can only “see” it when my eye is closed.

Same thing I was thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought the same.

You know the worst part of that? You go in to change the eye fluid, and all of a sudden the guy’s like “You need a new transmission.”

I have floaters in both eyes as well. The left one appeared first and my opthalmologist said that it can be an indication of the beginning of a detached retina, but most often is just nothing. He never once told me that they would ever really go away. If it’s any consolation, you do end up getting used to them.

Just what qualifies as a floater in the eye? I’ve always noticed something I thought were dust particles on the surface of my eye, but it would be apparent only when staring at a bright, light surface like a blank movie screen. I asked my optician about it once when getting fitted for glasses and he said it was inside the eye, and that it was the remnants of a blood vessel (I think he said blood vessel) that helped the eye during its earliest formation, then broke off. They’ve never bothered me. I “chase” them around sometimes.

Many people have floaters - they are often the remnants of the vessels that nourished the cornea during fetal development. However, a new floater is a slightly different matter. If there are suddenly a bunch of new ones or they are accompanied by apparent flashes of light, that can be an indication of a retinal detatchment and you need to get to a doc ASAP. An ER is appropriate if it’s after regular office hours or you can’t get in to see an eye doctor. A regular new floater should be checked out, but isn’t an emergency.

I’m not a doctor or optometrist, but I have bad eyes and am at high risk of retinal detatchment, so I get this lecture every time I see my eye doctor.

I’ve had them before my eye surgeries. Actually, mine were caused by diabeties and were a sign of a much more serious problem.

I had my last surgery about 18 months ago and it’s been about 14 since I had any floaters. I still see my retinal surgeon every few months.

And I thought you meant a drowning victim. :::whew:::

The cool thing about the visit to the eye doctor was…

He did a retinal scan, and I got to see the images of the back of my eyes. It was very interesting. He was nice enough to point out the major landmarks back there, so it was educational, too. And only $15 USD (my insurance doesn’t cover the procedure). (Bastards).

He did, BTW, ask if I had been to the doctor recently. I told him I saw my PCP less than a year ago, and got a clean bill of health. Since both adult-onset diabetes (Type 2?) and heart disease run in my family, I got checked out pretty thoroughly for both (blood test for the diabetes, and a Stress Test for the ol’ ticker). So, I would imagine Eye Doc wanted to rule out the possibility of the floater being a symptom of something else.

And yes, I thought about the floater=poop connection, but not the dead fish connection. And Rilchiam, I don’t live anywhere near the East River. Sorry. :wink: