I've got a germ-warfare suit!

I was just chatting to the welfare officer here at work (not in relation to any particular problem but she’s cute :slight_smile: )

Turns out she had just been given a load of those white all-in-one anti-germ warfare bodysuits to give to staff if they want them (or if anything bad happens)

So now i’ve got one - as has my fellow techie here! how cool is that! :slight_smile:

Its a shame everything here in London is on high alert or a guarantee that we’d be doing this in them:

  1. Walk up to bus stop full of people with PDA in hand

  2. “Scan” someone - make PDA Bleep

  3. Talk in hushed tones to each other

  4. “Panic” and Run away

so the question is guys, since we can’t do that what can we do with them - i’m open to suggestions…

It’s funnier if you do that in a fast food restraunt.

It’s fairly easy to get an old giger counter then rewire it so it makes noise when you press a button on the handle.

Then get into your suit, walk into … oh say taco bell. And run the giger counter over the hot sause packets.

Then scream and run away.

actually one of the girls here has agreed that if we ever do the scanning thing, she’ll go to the bus stop first as an accomplice.

After scanning her we can drag her away kicking and screaming :slight_smile:

They make an application for the PDA called the “tricorder”, like in Star Trek. It shows scientific-looking displays on the screen, and makes appropriate beeping noises when you click on it. Search the board for keywords like “Palm” and “tricorder” and the link ought to turn up. :smiley:

Go look for E.T. in 'em?

How do you get those tiny suits on? Do you have to zip them up or can the germs do it for themselves?