"...I've got an idea"

Not-so-long-ago, I heard what seemed a very good explanation of how the Italian Job ending could have been resolved. Unfortunately, this was late at night in a pub, so (a) maybe it wasn’t that good an explanation, and (b) I’ve forgotten it anyway. So any suggestions as to how to get the gold?

Ummm… didn’t they get the gold? Or are you talking about the original which I never saw. I’m thinking of the Marky Mark Wahlberg remake.

Tssk. The original one is the only one that even exists. The remake was just a bad dream.

This thread is about The Italian Job. It was made over 30 years ago, but many people have not seen it. I’ll not use spoiler boxes, so please stop now if you have not seen it.

The problem I had with the ending is that the gold kept getting farther away, but the bus still maintained its balance. Either the gold should have stayed put, or it should have moved away and caused the bus to plummet. What they should have done was to take a bar of gold from the stack and move it to the front of the bus. Since force and moment were being ignored anyway, this might be a way of doing it. Maybe they could have linked up in a chain to move bars of gold to the front of the bus.

Or they could have ignored the physics allowing the gold to move away and yet not causing the bus to plummet, and still prohibited the actors from doing the same thing. In this case, the characters might have made a “rope” out of their clothes, using shoes to weight the end and maybe a knife or something to grappel a brick. They could then move the gold brick-by-brick to the front until they had shifted enough weight that one of them could go to the other end and simplify the process.

Oh, I forgot…