I've got cramp in my throat

I just yawned and somehow managed to get cramp in my throat, right under my chin. It feels like the whole area has gone into spasm and I now have a hard ridge of muscle knotted under my chin.

That’s a new one on me. :frowning:

I get those from time to time right behind the front part of my lower jaw; I think it’s my tongue. Jesus H. Christ, they’re painful. Never thought to google it, but waddya know, we’re not alone.

Two remedies I’ve found:

  1. press HARD on the cramp with my thumb.


  1. tilt my head back as far as I can (with mouth/jaw closed), which seems to stretch the cramp zone and force the muscle to relax.

I only discovered #2 about a year ago, but I like it better because #1 actually hurts a bit (you have to press really hard).

I’ve had that. It’s horrible and disturbing. Chew like mad is what I do.

I always assumed it was from pulling some muscle connected to the tongue. It’s always happened to me in the middle of a yawn.

Now I’m afraid to yawn…

I had that a time or two, too. Never really lasted too long. Didn’t even know I had a muscle there to cramp.

Weird, ain’t it?

I hate that. To me it feels like some muscle has gotten stuck out of place and hasn’t quite snapped back into its proper spot.

Your tongue is actually pretty tall. Here’s an anatomical sketch; it comes down and attaches to the bottom part of the jaw bone, far below your lower incisor teeth. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s cramping up.