I've Got Effing Dry Socket.

Hurts. Hurts. Hurts. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts.

And the oral surgeon can’t see me until next week. Sob.

Anyone willing to just kick me in the face? That would at least distract me from the pain of the teeth for a moment and who knows? Both sides of my face might end up grossly swollen and yet pleasingly symmetric.

Ow. Fuck.

Stupid teeth. Stupid dry socket.


Bummer. I had that. Have you been back to the dentist for the bizarre treatment yet? I’d describe it, but I don’t want to freak you out.

Unless you really want to know.

Heh, isn’t that where they pack it full of the brown junk and gauze? Or did you have something else done?

And, nope, no dentist until next week. Looks like I’ve gotta tough it out until then and depend on painkillers to see me through. Percocet, she’s a good friend of mine.

That’s a vaguely dirty sounding ailment.

OK. Dry socket is horrible. Top or bottom?

Heh. Ain’t it? I only wish.

Both. Yes. Weep with me, my friend.

It’s good that you have Percocet. I was popping Motrin like it was candy when I had mine. The bottle said, “Take 1 tablet by mouth every 6 hours, or as needed for pain.” “As needed for pain” was about every 4 hours. When I finally went back to the oral surgeon, I asked the nurse, “How many of these exactly can I take?”

She said, “You can take them as needed for pain,” she said. I smiled and nodded. What a relief! She continued, “but not more than 4 a day.”

Lady, turns out have a fundamental disagreement about the definition of “as needed for pain.” We’re talking about a dry socket here. For fuck’s sake, the way they said I’d be able tell it was a dry socket was that the pain would wake me up in the night. Screw that. I’m supposed to lie awake in bed in pain at three in the morning and not take any medication because my six hours wasn’t up? I kept popping the Motrin “as needed.” By the time the pain of the dry socket abated, I ended up with kind of an acidy stomach. No long term effects, but I don’t necessarily recommend that. I should have been more assertive and demanded another pain killer.

I know, right? I’m running low on the Percocet, and all the assistant-person had to tell me was that I could switch over to the Motrin they gave me once I ran out.

This is where FOR ONCE having a wife with multiple sclerosis is actually a bit of a benefit. She’s got a veritible feast of hydrocodone in the house, so I won’t be in agony if I do run out before this is over.

…not that I would ever recommend that. Because I don’t. :cool:

Ick. This would be for wisdom teeth I’m guessing? When mine were coming out I did it with just novacaine. Felt like the dentist was pulling my eyes out from the inside when he did the tops, and like he was dismanting my head when he did the bottoms. Took 3 hours, one tooth had to be drilled into parts to get it out, another came out with a chunk of jaw in the roots. Bleah… When I was driving home (yeah, I used to be a tough kid) I remember thinking that was the worst pain ever.

Then I got a few dry sockets, which I discovered shortly after gagging on the clots & batting as they came out & got swallowed. Seriously, I thought my head was going to implode. Then I ran out of codeine after 3 days (it was a week’s supply). Doc wouldn’t give me any more–I was 18 & he figured I was peddling them. The there was nothing for the pain, aspirin wasn’t working, my teeth were beginning to move now that the impacted molars had been removed, and I was in some kind of “mild” withdrawal from the medicne.

Bad times. Very bad times.

Yep, impacted wisdoms, and I had jaw involvement, too.

Shudder. You’ve got my sympathy, Inigo. This pill is for you.

Quick hijack: I know the feeling of having one’s head torn in half. When I was 17, I entered Job Corps and ended up having four molars that needed removed – without making this a huge, long story, Novacaine doesn’t work for me and the dentist ended up pulling them with nothing at all. I thought she had torn my fucking jaw clear off.

Anyway, yes. We do not love the dry sockets. They can fuck right on off.

Next week? Bastard! When that happened to me, my dentist fit me in for an emergency appointment that day! As soon as he treats you, you better tell him exactly what you think of him, and that you will never be giving him any business again.

You are so cute when you get all righteously indignant, especially when it’s on my behalf. But yeah, I asked the assistant exactly what I was supposed to do until then, tell my boss that I wouldn’t be able to work because I had to lay around stoned for the rest of the week?

Thank god for working from home [and being paid by production versus hourly], I guess.

Eve, I apologise for the first line of my previous comment. That was inappropriate. Blame the drugs, yeah?

But I am cute when I’m righteously indignant!

And it gets even dirtier sounding.

Oh hell no. I would be camped on his office door step. They could haul me off in chains.

Every time I hear one of these dental horror stories, I thank Og for my dentist. I didn’t find him until I was 43, and I bless PitViper for the referral.

I hope things resolve quickly and as painlessly as possible. I do so feel for you.

You’re just cute all around, but still. I should be more respectful of a lady. :wink:

Especially if you knew the cure was stuffing the hole with a thick, sticky liquid.

Thank you, ma’am! I’m sure it’ll be fine; I have copious drugs and I do have the luxury to work from right here in my pajamas, which is definite plus!

One time they thought I had a dry socket, but it turned out I needed a root canal in the tooth right next to my wisdom tooth.

It hurt. A lot. Lots of prescription strength motrin, I took. (opiates make me puke). If I went to sleep I would wake up from the pain when the last dose wore off. I had to wait 6 weeks for the wisom-tooth surgery to heal before getting my root canal (thus proving my dentist’s saying: most people who need a root canal, want a root canal).

Lucky me and my posh New York oral surgeon - I got SEDATED. Afterwards I was so mellow he COULD have torn my jaw off and I wouldn’t have noticed till dinnertime.

I wonder if his charity cases got the sedation. He had a waiting room full.

PS: 4 wisdoms pulled, one chiseled into 8 pcs, no dry holes. But MAN was I sick of the taste of clove oil after awhile.