I've got me a convert! Come on in and say hi to World_Traveler

Say hi to him, will ya?

He’s one of my bestest friends of all time - has stuck with me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively :stuck_out_tongue: ) How I’ve managed to avoid running him off I’ve no clue, but he continues to speak to me even AFTER visting my home town! Now there’s a real peach for you :smiley:

Let’s see. Ladies? Lissen up here…

He is:

A great cook
Likes opera and classical music
Good coffee
Can do laundry, iron, clean, do dishes (forgot to ask him if he does windows)

The only BAD news is that he’s currently in Rota, Spain.

<pauses for collective groans>

But the GOOD news is that he’s returning to the States in a year!!

<pauses for collective cheers>

Anyhow, if y’all could welcome him, flirt with him, and give him warnings of how addictive this place is, I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:
[sub]chique refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever for anything World_Traveler does, up to and including outrageous flirting and failure to follow the ‘Hi, Opal!’ rule[/sub]

Welcome to the SDMB, World_Traveller. You’ll need the welcome after that intro, mate.

When you get here, just relax, take your time, ignore all that deep breathing from the female section …

G’day mate and welcome to what could become one of the most addictive choices you’ve ever made. After all it’s a community full of wonderful, intelligent and very diverse people.

Never be afraid to speak your mind, be honest and have a great time.

Any friend of sheek has a lot to live up to though…

Wilkommen! Feel free to jump right in and voice your opinion about any and every thing here!

So, chique? He wouldn’t happen to be single, would he?

Welcome to the boards WT! I’ve been through Rota a couple times on my way to/from the Gulf, and have to ask… how in the world can anyone leave there single???

Welcome, World_Traveler!!!

Any friend of Rachel’s is sure to be a friend of mine, too!

Hope you have as good a time here as I have had…


Welcome, World_Traveler!!!


Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope “Chique” did not overdo it too much. I’ve known her now for about 9 years now.

A bit about myself. I am currently in the USN serving in Rota, Spain. Next year I get to hang it all up and start working for a living.

For Flyboy88…I’ve been reading your posts in the Great Debates. I feel you pain as you try to talk to the heathens. I’ve done the Q thing both in the PAC and currently here in Rota. Sometimes I wish I could circumnavigate the restrictions placed on us and just tell all, but, oh well.

As for my nickname. Well, when the say “join the Navy and see the world” I can honestly say I’ve gone around the world. Travel is my great passion. Being here in Europe I’ve been able to indulge in it.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and you will all be hearing from me. Count on it.

Welcome WT!! Now, all that spare time you may have had? Be prepared to use it (and time when you should be doing important things) debating important topics like which Darrin on Bewitched was better.

Hey World_Traveller, any friend of Chiques is …well you know the rest…have fun here and I am looking forward to reading your posts…


G’day Trav. Make yerself at home.

Want a beer? :smiley:


Hey there WT (mind if I call you WT?) and welcome aboard. We like chique lots n’ lots too, so I’m sure you’ll get on fine here.

Cluttering up our boards with yer rabble-rousing friends, are ya? Hmph.

WT, welcome to our band of cynics. My dad was a Navy man.

I would flirt, except that…well… you’ll figure it out.

::tips hat::

Welcome aboard(s) World_Traveler!

Why Arden…what on earth makes you think he’s single? :wink:

andygirl, WT is most definitely rabble-rousing. Got a problem with that? :smiley:

::waves and offers a happy fuzzy bunny::


Hi World Traveler! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards!

Hey chique…when we gonna tell him about chat? :wink:

Welcome to the boards World Traveler.

Any friend of chique’s, well makes me suspicious, wait a minute, I’m a friend of hers. Nevermind.

A rabble rouser are you? We can always use another rabble rouser.

So Rachel, what zactly did ya convert him from?

You took him to Foley? And he still say’s he knows you, what a guy. WT you’re a-ok.:slight_smile:

Even worse, imthjckaz - I took him to Morrill!!!