I've Got Scabies, FUCK!!

Well, the title says it all. FUCK! How in the hell did I get scabies? I haven’t had close, personal, intimate contact with anyone in over a year. Hell, the only other person in my apartment ever is my son. So how the fuck did I get these god damn flesh burrowing mites?

Now, I may not be the most organized person in the world but I keep my apartment in generally good shape and cleanliness. For the three years I was in the Army and out on 30 day FTX’s rolling around in the woods, not showering, etc. and I never so much as got a rash or tick on me. So where the hell did I get this?

The worst thing is how my son’s mom looked at me when I had to tell her. She had it stuck in her mind that scabies is only an STD and kept asking me over and over again if I was putting my son in any high risks situations. Fuck man, that made me feel like shit.

Fuck you scabies! You’re all probably dead by now but fuck you with some incredibly explicit phrase that I can’t properly articulate right now.

I had them once, between my fingers! Aigh, the itching. The itching! Plus the knowledge of what’s in there: bugs! Burrowing! Under your skin!

And you’re right, they’re not an STD–infants, kids and the elderly get them, too.

I’ve had scabies also and my then girlfriend, now wife, looked at me askance for a few minutes. When she also contracted them, she was less than appreciative. It eventually turned out that her younger brother, who I shared a bed with in her parents house, had a dose a week or two before we came down. Most of her family got them too - I laughed my arse off when I could say that it was her disease ridden family rather than any misbehaviour by me which was at the root of the problem.

Annoying little buggers but easy enough to get rid of.

Scabies are so horrible…they are surprisingly easy to get, my group of friends all got scabies from hugging each other while we were out clubbing and all sweaty (one of them must have hugged scabies man) . And the lotion stinks too doesn’t it?

You probably got them from your kid! Give that little tidbit to the ol’ lady and see how she likes it!

The lotion didn’t stink but it burned like a mother fucker, especially on the genitals.

Yeah, I’m taking my kid to the doctor’s today to get the lotion for him just in case he is the carrier or I gave it to him.

Casual contact with a carrier rarely results in infection. It’s as Amp said - prolonged intimate contact is generally what’s involved. So having his son treated with a scabicide is a good idea, whether or not he was the first infected in the family.

And I hope you’ve washed clothes and bed linens in hot water and run them through a good dryer cycle to kill the mites and eggs.

I once diagnosed scabies in a mentally ill patient who’d been in a V.A. hospital ward for over a week with mysterious skin lesions. There was quite a parade of hospital personnel coming in for preventative treatment. Including me.

You all just stay iver on THAT side of the thread, M’kay?

I once sat on the couch of my ex-husband’s co-worker while wearing shorts. It was a several hour long visit due to the fact that it was a children’s birthday party, and there was limited seating. She was covered in what I thought at the time were chigger bites on her legs. :smack:

I was later diagnosed with scabies. Just sitting on the couch, with my bare skin touching it was enough for me to contract it. The application of the “Qwell” was no fun, nor the alarmed looks from the pharmacists. :mad:

Can someone explain what this is? I’ve never even heard of it.


I can say no more. Eaighyljsagh!

Here you go:


Scabies are burrowing mites that live under the skin and can be passed via skin contact, they leave little red track marks between the fingers and itch like a bitch. Basically they are kind of like crabs (the pubic kind) except they burrow. I’m sure someone will come along with a far more scientific and enlightning description…this is all I gleaned from my (thankfully) brief encounter with the wee bastards.

It’s…sort of like ring-worms, combined with BAD chigger or flea bites. It bears a social stigma akin to having pubic lice, almost as bad as if you develop claemedia, which is a form of yeast infection also known as clap. (Little girls can get this if they take too many bubble baths and sleep in underwear believe it or not.)

It’s little round red dots, of a uniform size in straight lines from each other, they can be anywhere on the body. (They travel under the skin, always in straight lines. They ITCH!!!) People honestly believe that it’s only “caught” from having sex with someone “skanky”. To kill off the “infestation” requires a potent topical poisin applied evenly to the skin.

I was told to put sheets on the couch, and pillow, get my husband thick rubber gloves for when he helped apply the stuff on area’s I couldn’t reach to evenly coat, and to TOUCH NO ONE once it was applied. I was told to shower IMMEADIATELY in the morning, and to WASH the linens RIGHT AWAY in HOT water. I was also told to wash all my laundry/bedding in HOT water too. Scabies is the human bodie’s equivalent to a roach infested apartment almost.

Good luck killing off the infestation, Amp. Be a little zealous in making sure you’ve washed things that could re-infest you. I don’t know if there’s a spray for furniture or not, I doubt it though, considering how potent the human treatment is. (Though that may just be because it has to soak in, yet still kill the things.)


Damn, those things itch like nothing else. I had them as a kid and remember that nights are the worst.

Incidentally, Kwell isn’t produced anymore, IIRC. It contained lindane, which is super toxic.

“claemedia, which is a form of yeast infection also known as clap”

“Clap” is another name for gonnorhea, not chlymidia.

I stand corrected. Still, claemedia is considered almost a shunnable thing to develop, even with education programs about such things.

Well, I took all my linens and possibly infected clothes and put them in the laundry room to wash today. I grabbed some RID lice spray and srpayed down my bed, couch and throw pillows. Hopefully that’ll kill them off. I’m going to be sleeping in my sleeping bag in the living room for awhile. The mites die off in 48 - 72 hrs when not on a human body so that should take care of it. I am also going to vacuum the crap out of my apartment tonight.

Two little things:

GONORRHEA. One N, two R’s, an H.

CHLAMYDIA. with a CH and a Y.


I use bleach liberally everywhere. Especially on boats where mold grows everywhere. I have a spray bottle with a solution of bleach and spray everywhere. Nothing like bleach to disinfect everything. Cheap and easy.