"I've got to say more about this" I said , and here we go :-

I know , I know , men, in your humble opinion Engelbert Humperdinck is “smaltzy”; and you are not entertained, to put it nicely. In other words, you don’t like the guy.

First, let me apologize…,…for asking the wrong question. What I should have asked was “DO you know WHY you hate Engelbert Humperdinck?”

It came to me like a lighted match flame that I KNEW why, but needed to tell you.

Don’t like him? OF course not!!! Of course you dont! Not unless you’re homosexual or something. That’s because his is the voice of a lover. It would be suspicious if that was a “plus” for you.

Hey—he doesn’t sing for the men , he sings at the women ; his agents know that’s his talent and they’ve capitalized on it, …and you can’t blame them. You can’t blame the women either, for responding to a voice that embraces like warm arms.

“Sappy” , you say? If you have sugary in mind, I agree. Maybe THAT’S why it has suceeded. And a sucess it’s been, whether you know it or not.

He’s been singing in Las Vegas for years and years now and brings in the crowds every day. It’s $55.00 a pop and he hasn’t disappointed his employer or the audiances. (sp?).

My husband and I were at our time-share in Las Vegas last week and I wanted to see E. Hump, but my husband was resentful. I wasn’t surprised because for years I’ve been noticing that so many men ARE resentful of “Hump”.

We saw him anyway, and after that I relived all over again the days when I was younger and thought he was to die for.

I hate to sound- - -well, salacious, (honestly I’m usually not very much that way), BUT,…his voice licks women as if they were a lollipop. That is, it is sensuous, and that is why they have called him , as in Vegas, “Mr. Romantic”.

His “overblown vocal style”, as you put it, is just what most singers try for, ; it has been called “strong and smooth”. And it is.

Besides that he is (at least was) handsome.

So eat your heart out , boys, and keep on being offended by the likes of him. There’s not one of you could s***w a woman with his voice, alone like “e. H.” can

Um, I’m a ‘sheila’ and I reckon he’s schmaltzy, and he doesn’t entertain ME. And I hope to god I never have to put up with a lover like him either. His voice ‘embraces like warm arms’? Hey, speak for yer’self lady…his voice makes me wanna puke in the nearest dunny!
I’m not denying he brings in the crowds, but are they there to perv at a geriatric has-been, or to take their great-grandma along so she can get her rocks off one last time before she carks it?
And handsome? Ugghhhhh!!

Now, Sean Connery on the other hand…

Ya, ya, male , and SOMETIMES female; I’ve heard it all before, and your standard of love expressions probably is what it is because you have not yet gained any perspective, or else is very differant than mine.

How old do you have to be to respond possitively to a voice and expression of love? Grandmotherly? Stop and think: todays grandmother is a lot differant than that of the past. I am 50 years old , by the way, and have experianced all the music and heard all the voices of the past 50 years.

You should see me. I move very fast; can take two steps at a time when clinbing stairs, can wear a tight black dress proudly and have a face that gets compliments. I can match any younger person inch-for-inch in ANY ; I said ANY department, and I have sentimental reasons for likeing E. Hump. too, besides just appreciating him for just being himself.

When I was at Seattle Center ,working some commercial art, a group of ladies asked me if I would help them design a work of art to symbolize the E. H. fan club. I did that and became part of that club myself. Those girls who asked my help were hardly “old” or duds, in case you are wondering.

And as for looks; SURE is at least WAS very good looking . His looks were fetching; …WHAT do YOU call handsome anyhow?
Does he have to have a ratty hair-do, a typical preppy style, a chinstrap beard, a Brad Pitt little boy cute-ness, and maybe a pair of mundane jeans on that make him walk like he’s got his pants full?

Of course, he has to look somewhat differant nowaday, but , from what I just saw, he is still good-looking.

If he’s as awful a person as you think he is, why has he attracted so many people ; esp. women, downthrough the years? Why has he done records that sold so well? Why did he upstage, and sucessfully, those insipid drips singing "Strawberry Feilds "etc ?

Why has he had many fan clubs (and he has). WHY do they call him “Mr. Romance”?

WHY is he still selling out to all ages and bringing down the walls with applause?

Why is he making so much money with his talent?

Remember, YOU are only ONE woman. Have you heard, or EVER really seen or heard him?

Sometime we form opinions because we see something in a remote way and decide what to think then.

People have a tendancy to reject anything they cannot associate with themselves. Are YOU that way?

I’d guess you think what you desire to think.

As to old tastes,…well,…my latest possitive reaction to a male celebrity was to Apolo Anton Ohno. How’s that for young?

The guy has to have something differant about him; something outstandingly individualistic, and he has to hold some mystery for me , but not be so mysterious that I can’t feel his vibes are warm.

You just don’t have the capacity for extra-sensoury-perception that I have. I’m sorry for you ; you miss a lot.

Do this , will you? Find you an older picture of him and listen to a recording of his “There Goes my Everything”.

As a rule, I really don’t like men much. They lack a lot of feeling and they lack a lot of sensitivity. No, …it takes an extraordinary man to get me to respond well to. I like an individualistic quality about a person; not the same old assembly-line guy, even if he IS so-called handsome. I like someone exclusive. That’s the type of man E.H. is.

Then too; todays big shot singers are indiscernable, one from the other. They all look and sound alike . They are all Halloween figures. And they sucker the crowds into thinking they’re something differant; a real treat. They’re a bunch of weeds and they are upheld as examples of talent. They sound alike, look alike, and look as if they smell like wet dogs. Talk about something that would made a person retch! Especially if you have any real class.

I’ve been looking for, and listening for a singer I can like in the past 5 years, and where is he/she? I havent found him yet. I wish I could. Young would be wonderful, but there are none to be seen or heard.

You know, I’ve always wondered what happens to those girls who fuck minor celebrities when they’re teenagers. Now I know. They go crazy, and post to message boards about their deep, imaginary relationship with said celebrity, defending his honor against a host of imaginary enemies.

Shine on, deeward, you crazy diamond.

I can’t wait to see the “Thank God deeward got banned” thread.

Deeward, do not post another Englebert Humperdinck thread in IMHO. This is your official last warning.