Everybody read me PLEASE

I’m hoping many of you read this, because in my humble opinion, considering the way things have been for me,you should.

I know these boards do a lot of funing , but this time can we be serious for a few minutes?
I’m not in the mood for laughs.

As a matter of fact, I’m feeling really bad. It’s darn near a heartbreak type of feeling.

I didn’t want to write this, but I could’nt talk myself out of it.

It’s hard to stand by quietly and listen to such negative, snide remarks and hear ridicule about someone I love, admire and respect so much.

I know you have a right to your opinions, that’s not hard to accept. You don’t have to like him, but PLEASE , before you judge Engelbert Humperdinck, FIRST LEARN the STATISTICS.

Someone here wrote about his lack of popularity, meager amount of fans and followers, and insinuated that he and his place in the world of celebrities was desolate, in so many words.

This is a good place to start telling the facts :-

Question:- Who has the largest amount of fans in the world ?

Answer:- Engelbert Humperdinck

A rude awakening, huh? If you don’t beleive it , look it up. He has, even at his age, over 250 fan clubs still just in America.

And all that didn’t happen for NO reason. The people appreciate his talent and love his personality. I would also imagine many of them are sentimentally attached , that could be part of it. That’s how high he’s rated as a quality entertainer.

Someone said he was a “has-been”. I suppose, by his former standards , it would be easy to think of him in that category, BUT,…the truth is…he is still very active in his career; making appearances all around the world. In Las Vegas he still brings in the crowds, and they’re not just old girls either. As a balladeer he is a ledgend and most everyone has some recognition of him. That’s not bad for a 60 yr. old “has-been”.

And, by the way,…please don’t compare him to that homely odd-ball Wayne Newton! It’s an insult! I don’t know who let that peculiarity out, anyhow.

And , as far as Tom Jones is concerned , thier basic styles may resemble each other, and they both have Brittish accents, but Tom Jones is a tag-along, a tin-horn joker compared to E.H. There’s such a thing as quality, and Jones isn’t the one with it. He’s a clown.

Enge. Humperdinck may be old but he’s still functioning as an entertainer and making millions with his talent.

Next, I deeply resent those remarks you made, “KAMBUCKTA,”,about him and his lack of attractivness, saying something about how you’d puke if he got romantic with you. You seemed to think that my calling him “handsome” was very funny. .
I’ll admit he doesn’t look like he used to , compared to how he used to look . We DO change as we age, appearance-wise, and not for the better. What you are seeing in your mind’s eye so to speak, depends on how you think of him . When I look at him I STILL think of him as he used to look when he was in his prime.

Have you every seen pictures of him when he was younger? Well, even many of the pictures they’ve put on his records and c.d.s aren’t the best, as good as they are. As a fan-club member I have other pictures not always availiable to the public. That guy was downright GORGEOUS !

He had such appeal women swooned over him and responded to him overwhelmingly. They threw their underwear on the stage when he performed. (fact)

You laughed when I used the word “lover” …well, that was what he was all about to women. He was , and still is, called “the king of romance”
It’s too bad I can’t send you some pictures of him when he was younger. You’d be amazed. He was sstriking, with his thick dark wavy hair , green eyes and etc.

THAT’S the E.H. I fell for , and that’s how I still think of him.

I became an active fan club member when I was very young, and did some art work for his club promoters.

As far as his voice goes, think what you like, but I wish you would hear this:- First, he’s a step ahead of other singers because he has a 31/2 OCTAVE voice; something most singers would give their soul for!!! Most singers have only a “1” octave range.
Maybe, because his voice is so strong, it probably accounts for the affluent sound of his singing. And what you choose to call “Sappy” many people hear as passionate; full of emotion. That’s not a bad thing. Opera singers try for it all the time.

Let me give you some quotes, refering to his voice:-

The London Times called him “The premiere voice of the century”

He has 64 gold discs and 23 platinum.

Ottawa; 1999 :-

“E. Humperdinck will go down in history as the quintessentual romantic pop music crooner and sex-symbol for a generation”

“velvet-voiced strummer of heart strings” (unquote)

He has an "entertainer of the year golden globe award.

Chicago 1990: “in fact members of his huge and dedicated fan clubs all over North America reacted with a fervor normally showed in only teen-age girls”

Those are the types of comments that were written about him all the time.
I’ll admit he doesn’t look near as great as he used to, but his voice is still copious and embracing.

Besides, I wouldn’t “disown” him just because he is so much older now. Today, he’s is still that wonderful face and voice that I saw and heard when he was in his prime.

As I said, you don’t have to like him, and you don’t have to change your mind about his voice, just because you hear me tell you how I feel. BUT…give credit were credit is due. I just wanted to speak up for him and he deserves to be defended.


Cites? Surely there must be some fan club sites out there. Or some pages with his pix.

Wait, so was he the guy in the princess bride or not?

Engelbert Humperdinck, (1854 - 1921), best known for composing Hansel and Gretel.

I’ve heard rumors that some ditzy male pop star purloined his name and had some unfortunate airtime, including if memory serves me right, a hideous thing called “After the Loving”?

Oh for goodness sakes deeward, get a bloody life. You are entitled to adore whoever you want, but no amount of ‘stats’ are going to make EH look attractive to ME. But then, I always thought that Elvis was ugly anyway.

You go on and enjoy Englebert to your hearts content, but just remember that not everybody is going to share your humble opinion. And if it’s going to upset you so greatly whenever anybody disagrees, I suggest you keep mum about yours.

Personally, I’ve always kinda liked EH…but I wouldn’t pay money to go see him. He’s just not everybody’s cup of tea, but that shouldn’t diminsh your affection for him, Deeward You obviously have a romantic soul, and that’s a good thing. But I hope you expend as much energy finding things to love about your husband.

To get so depressed over people not liking a celebrity that you like is a bit worrisome. I mean, I adore Phil Collins, but I’m sure that if I declared my passion for him in a post, I’d get royally ripped by many, many Dopers. And that’s okay. I think the Grateful Dead suck, and that opens me up for abuse too. Not everyone shares my artistic sensibilities. Thank God.

As it is, I’ve stuck my neck out for Cpt. Kirk in another thread (i’d post a link, but I still don’t know how) and I expect to have to slink off into a corner soon to lick my wounds. That’s just the beauty of this forum. Don’t expect to change anyone’s mind. Just let them see a different opinion, and enjoy the opinions you receive.

Oh, and keep in mind that a lot of Dopers are teenagers. Ain’t nothin’ in the world gonna make them like EH. Don’t even let it get you down.

I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but just in case, I feel it is my duty to answer. You’re thinking of Mandy Patinkin.


this is either the greatest woosh of all time, or this woman is channeling wildest bill.

OK, OK, I was just kidding about the socks.

Engelbert Humperdinck?

We made fun of people liking him when he was young. I’m talking eons ago!

I always did hear he put on a helluva show, though… whatever floats the old boat, there.

But that’s ok…I have a friend who still pants over Tom Jones and has his autographed 8x10 glossy in a sterling silver frame beside her bed.

You can have Engelbert. Just keep your paws off Tom…for her sake!

No, no, Prince Humperdink I know tat ain’t da propa spellin but I like it.

Old man Mandy ain’t bad though. Maybe I could understand this obsession if it was Patinkin. Too bad for me that deeward doesn’t have a hard on for Brad Pitt.


This is (again) about Engelbert-freaking-HUMPERDINCK?!?!
Good grief. You have one thread already about him.

You are free to start another thread, of course (I am not a mod, I have no say in such things). But for crying out loud, if you are going to write yet another rambling, obsessive OP about Engelbert-freaking-Humperdinck, could you title the thread a little more appropriately? Like “Long rambling rant about Engelbert Humperdink (again)” or something like that?

That way, we can all ignore it.

Engelbert Humperdinck is freakin’ DEAD. I mean, I love his opera, and all, and he sounded like a great guy, but he is no longer among the living.

As far as that other guy, the wanna-be Humperdinck, enjoy his music, worship him if you wish, but don’t expect the rest of us to care. As far as I’m concerned, he died in 1921.

Isn’t he the guy who wrote “Lesbian Seagull” for the latest Beavis and Butthead movie? Yeah, he’s OK.

Think I’m kidding? Cite.

I shall now take a leave of absence from the boards. I will be returning in three months time. Upon my return, I shall post a 400 page post about my dedication and devotion to the Holiest of Rock Trios, Rush.

And it will be read by all of you, ya hear?

I saw Mr. Humperdinck perform at the Houston Astrodome in 1974.

He was atrocious.

Did anyone see that episode of the Fly on the wall docusoap “Airport” when E.H. was in the waiting room, and the ditzy air hostess was star struck simply because he was a star having
a) never heard of him before it was pointed out to her who he was

b) had never heard him sing (and went to the Duty Free record store to look for a CD of his )

c) just stopped short of fainting when he gave her a signed glossy of him.

I can’t believe the crap celebrities get away with.

And I think Elvis might have a bit more of a claim than Englebert might on the whole “Who has the most fans” deal.

"This is a good place to start telling the facts :-

Question:- Who has the largest amount of fans in the world ?

Answer:- Engelbert Humperdinck

A rude awakening, huh? If you don’t beleive it , look it up. He has, even at his age, over 250 fan clubs still just in America. "

What Violet said. Cite? And how many people are in these fan clubs?

I’m kinda doubting that E.H. has more fans than, say, Paul McCartney or Ricky Martin or someone like that.:slight_smile:

I didn’t read this thread. I’m just posting to say I didn’t read it.

When I was in grade 5, there was a kid who was always being caught jerking off. We called him Engelbert Humperdinck.