I've had a name change...

I used to be called lambchops, now I’m Atticus Finch. I was a bit sick of the old name, and people kept calling me lambchop or even lampchops. What the hell is a lampchop, anyway? Thought I’d better let you folks know…

Can we still call you lampchops?

Yeah, I agree. I always like the imagery of lighted western wear, lampchaps.

So, where did you get Atticus Funch from?

legion, you misread the name. It’s Atticus Filch, the short-lived kleptomaniac character on Sesame Street.

But…but…I could spell limpchips.
Atticus Filch is gonna be hard!

I vote for a name-change-backer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Crap! I’m such a loser.
I copy and pasted your new name from Giraffe’s post, by accident.
Giraffe’s a trouble maker!

You tryin’ to copy me? And who the hell is “Atticu”, anyway?

Sorry, Darwin. Can I just call you that instead?

And Giraffe, you’re obviously very confused. You’re thinking of Atticus Felch, the short-lived pervert on Sesame Street.

You’ve never read or seen To Kill a Mockingbird? Go hunt down a copy… preferably of the book as it’s much better. Good story.

:eek: Sesame Street had a pervert character named Felch?

Ow, my childhood!

Well, then, who was the one who kept stealing everything? Was it Mr. Hooper? He was pretty short-lived…

In any event, I apologize for the misunderstanding, Attic Has Filth.

No worries, Gear Laugh.

Seeing the new name, I thought it would be fun to read all of Atticus’ posts in Gregory Peck’s voice. It was working fine until I got to:

Actually, now that I’ve read it a few more times I find it strangely appealing. C’mon everybody, go ahead and read “Atticus Felch, the short-lived pervert on Sesame Street” out loud in your best Gregory Peck impersonation! It’s fun!