Trillian or Fenchurch?

Hey you guys. I’m making a new screen name. (Yes really this time!)

I have it narrowed down. Either way its a Douglas Adams character.

Should I name myself after Fenchurch or Trillian? Both are cool names, and were a love interest of Arthur. Sort of…Arthur tried to pick Trillian up at a party- and he did father her child, albeit indirectly. But Arthur got to screw with Fenchurch- in the clouds! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your opinions?

How about Patty O’Furniture?

I swear I’m gonna keep suggesting that name until somebody uses it.

Definately Fenchurch! Trillian is flaky bitch! I was so pissed at Adams when he removed Fenchurch from the books. IMHO, I think he wrote the last Hitchhiker’s book just to shut up everyone who wanted another addition to the trilogy.

I could fall in love with Fenchurch, Trillian would just get annoying. My favorite scene for the books is when Fenchurch is making Arthur find out what “wrong” with her… and then of course what comes after :wink:

One vote for Fenchurch here.

Fenchurch. Gotta be Fenchurch.


Hey! Trillian saved the entire universe. That ought to count for something. Lay off Trillian.

Not that I have anything against Fenchurch. She did know the meaning of life, atleast briefly.

Fenchurch? You want to name yourself after a town in East Anglia, just because it had bells? I like Dorothy L. Sayers’ works myself, but I wouldn’t go that far.

Jti- I’m naming myself for the char, from my fave “trilogy” of all time.

Trillian’s not a bitch…come on, be fair now.

I like Fenchurch too. Though I remember being so jealous of her when Arthur got to have sex with her. Sure it wasn’t a rational jealousy, but it was jealousy nonetheless. (I hate it when I’m envious of fictional characters. :))

Okay most of you guys seem to favor Fen. I was kind of leaning towards that. Thanks.

Definitely Fenchurch. Has a special ring and flair to it.
Besides, when I’m tired Trillian looks too much like Trillan. Hey, you’d have Ike and Zenster and foodies galore bugging you for restaurant opinions.

Fenchurch…shortened affectionately to Fen; it’s a winner.


Trillian’s real name is Trisha McMillan. So seeing as Fenchurch is a) her real name, b) really cool, and c) my virtual girlfriend, I put one more vote in for Fenchurch.

Because whether or not that’s what you’re getting.

Fenchurch was one of the best characters in the whole series. I wanted her badly.

In other words, hands off GuanoLad, she’s my virtual fictional girlfriend


OK, OK, I give, but it just really annoyed me when she dumped Random off on Arthur.

As great a character as Fenchurch was, I think Trilian was cooler. Okay, Fenny boinked Arthur in the clouds, but Trillian had Zaphod (three arms & two heads–THAT must’ve been interesting!). She also had a PhD in astrophysics. Fenchurch? She played the cello. Doesn’t compare.

Fenchurch…I always liked her, specially when they went flying.


Of course its a winner. :slight_smile:


OK. I only posted a one sentence response because I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit it online… but everyone else has, so… dammit Fenchurch is my virtual literary girlfriend! SO BACK OFF! :mad:

Zoggie, you may have to be prepared for virtual flirting from all sides if you change to Fenchurch :wink:

I’m changing my online screen name to Fenchurch (something or other…with some number- Maybe Fenchurch22), but here i’ll still remain your faithful Zoggie. I love this name too much to quit.

If any of you guys find Fenchurch a hottie, I’ll list my new email address on my profile. :slight_smile: Great way to meet guys, I’m sure.

Zaphod was cool. I seem to dig multi-headed/limbed egotistical maniacs. The way he talked too…it was a riot. And Ford. I always had a soft spot for him. I loved Arthur’s puzzled looks, and his hankering for tea. After i make my arrangmenets, I’ll have my name changed. (All i have to do is change the email address on my profile, right? Do i have to notify a mod, or anything? Just wondering- first time.)

To change your nick from Zoggie to Fenchurch, you will need to e-mail Lynn, I believe.

If you want to just change your e-mail address, that can be done in the edit profile screen.