I've just had a couple of really crappy days

First, let me say that I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read this, since it’s all about my life, but I need to vent.

OK. Yesterday. There’s a girl I work with who has been gone all summer working in another state. She recently returned. We’re good friends - we go out to eat together whenever we’re both at work. I had been looking forward to her return because I was planning on asking her out. To be blunt, I’ve had something of a crush. Well, anyway, yesterday she casually mentioned something her boyfriend said. It was like someone had kicked me in the stomach. It was like being back in frigging high school. I really didn’t realize I felt that strongly. Anyway, I spent the rest of the evening depressed, hiding in my office, and bitching on #SD. I can’t imagine how torturous it will be to continue our dinners. Gaah! Even the raise I got earlier that day didn’t make me feel any better because they’re giving me 5% more money do to about 3 times as much work as I’ve been doing. Dammit.

So this morning I wake up late for my class and it takes me like two hours to get up and ready for the day, being depressed and all. I spent my whole shower trying and failing to think of a purpose in my life. What a way to start the morning.

Then I go in and do a couple of hours in my microbiology lab, finally giving up in frustration and leaving when I can’t figure out what I’m doing. Walking back to my car, it’s over 90[sup]o[/sup], and I get a headache (heat gives me seriously nasty headaches). Then, when I get to my car, I see that my front driver’s side tire is flat. Hoping that it’s just really low, I decide to drive a few blocks to a 7-11 that I thought has an air pump. By the time I get there and see that the pump is nonexistant, the tire has slid partway off the rim and is giving off smoke. Cursing my ever-more-strongly-pounding head, I pull into a nearby parking lot to put on the spare. That’s when I discover that my newly purchased used car has a jack and a spare, but no lug wrench. And, the wheel has recessed nuts with very little clearance, so none of the wrenches I can find to borrow fit.

So I call someone to come give me a hand. His wrench is also too big, so we go to an auto parts store, buy two that look like they might fit, and go back, only to discover that not only do they not fit, but two of the nuts are so stripped that I’ll never get them off on my own. Yay. Tow truck time. It takes the tow truck an hour to get there. I make use of this hour by helpfully locking my damn keys in the car, which I have never done since I started driving. So the flat tire costs me $25 for the wrenches, $55 for the tow and door-opening, $125 for the new tire, four hours of my time, and a day of lost work, because by the time I get done, not only am I hopelessly late, but my head hurts so much I literally can’t see straight - I had this white blind spot straight ahead.

I’m going to go to bed now and try to think of a reason to get up in the morning.

Well THAT FUCKING SUCKS!!! What the fuck is it with those kind of days??? Why the hell does shit have to hit all at once and on the hottest of days?? Fuckin hell… I feel for you man… your post hits home… been there, done that, hated everthing that day could bring.

starts singing to cheer smeghead up

He’s Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer
Without him life would be much grimmer
He’ll never be mistaken for yul brynner
He’s no bald and his head doesn’t glimmer
Mate, don’t let it get you down. I had something similiar happen to me with a woman recently btw (though mine was a ** lot ** more involved before she mentioned the boyfriend.

It will get better.

Look at the bright side: At least you’ve got us.

Smeg? Mate… c’mon get down off that ledge…

Smeghead… :frowning: hell, that sucks. I can’t think of anything else to say.

I do hope that at the very least, you were able to sleep off the headache.

And yeah, you’ve always got us. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear bro. Hang in there, it always gets better! :slight_smile:


Poor Smeg.

Does your friend know how you feel about her?

Feel better.


offers her bosom as a pillow
strokes your hair
Everything’s gonna be okay, cuz Mirth says so. :slight_smile:

Now for a joke to cheer you up:
Knock knock.
*Smeg says, “Who’s there?”
*Smeg says, “Lettuce who?”
Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

slaps her knee
I got a million of 'em I tell ya.

Mirth, that was a great bad joke :slight_smile:
Smeggy, feel better!! Chin up!

[Zette’s lame attempt at humor] Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?..'Cause they taste funny! [/Zette’s lame attempt at humor]

Remember, at least you didn’t overflow the shitter on your second day at work- and now you KNOW your co-workers call you names and giggle behind your back. No one died, and they boyfriend might turn out to be a jackass and she’ll come running to YOU, nice friend, for comfort! (It happens!)

Cheer up!

Thanks for the replies, everyone. dpr, that actually did make me laugh last night before I went to bed. I am, of course, feeling much better now. A night’s sleep will do that. I’m back to my usual bitter, cynical, but good-humored self again.

But seriously, this was very theraputic. I think it helped a lot. Thanks again, everyone.

Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Ace! We all have days like that.