I've lost access to a meteorological website, after a thunderstorm no less

The other night I had the Australian government meteorological website open on my laptop. I was checking the prospective rainfall levels (it’s wet season up here) when a big BOOM happened outside and I ran to the balcony to see the light-show.

Coming back inside, the website (www.bom.gov.au) had gone from my screen, replaced with my ISP Modem Check page. Obviously, I’d briefly lost connectivity when the lightning was happening, and my provider alerted me?? All good, or whatever.

But now I cannot get back to the the www.bom.gov.au page. Not through my favourites, not through google, not through any bloody avenue. Every time I try to access it, the stupid Modem Check page comes up!!

How did this happen, and how can I fix it, any clues?

Jeez Kam, you’ve done gone and broken the Bureau of Metrology?

(the site works fine for me on both desktop and ipad, maybe it's just for those of us living within the borders of civilization)

My guess is that your browser is displaying some cached copy of the website, which your computer happened to save to your hard drive during the thunderstorm. (Browsers do this sometimes to save you time, but as you’ve seen the practice can backfire.) Try Googling “clear cache [browser] [operating system]”, follow the instructions you find, and see if it solves the problem.

I’ll give you a pass on the misspelling of metEOrology this time smartarse.
And yes, I can access the BOM on my tablet, it’s just my stupid laptop that’s giving me grief.
And speaking of ‘civilization’, at least we have a Labour premier up here, unlike your mob of bin-dwelling avians and the other lower life-forms that have taken up residence under the floorboards of Parliament. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for that MikeS. I’ll give that a shot!!

And it worked like a dream! You’re my new hero! :smiley: