I've lost internet connectivity

My main computer, running Windows XP, lost its ability to connect to my wireless network last night, shortly after syncing my iPod. When the repair connection command is given, it grinds away for a while, then reports failure, due to the network not assigning a network address to the computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials is up and running and reports no problem, doing a system restore to an earlier date does not resolve the problem.

The two other computers in the house have no difficulty accessing the net. One is running Vista, the other is Windows XP.

No major installs or upgrades have been done on the computer recently. At least none that I implemented, and I’m pretty much the only user.

Advice would be much appreciated.



Make sure your computer is set to use the right wireless network and not your neighbors’ or something. Also, try resetting the wireless access point, if you haven’t already.

Are the other two computers using wireless or wired connections?

Well, unplugging and re-plugging my signal booster fixed the problem.

Thanks anyway, Severian.

I’ll ask a mod to close this.

And just to give credit where it’s due, it was Severian’s suggestion to reset the access point that got me to think of unplugging the booster. Thanks for the help!!

I received a note from Qadgop saying, “problem fixed, please close so others don’t waste time trying to help me.”

The thread is now closed, per his request.