I've never been drunk. You?

I’ve never been drunk. I wonder if there are others here who share this odd trait.

If not that, then what is something you’ve never experienced that pretty much every normal person in your locale has experienced?

Hmmmm. Well, I’ve certainly been drunk. So, what haven’t I done that’s ‘typical’ for around here?

Well, I’ve never gone hunting or fishing. Don’t have anything against either sport, and I’m not afraid to fire a gun. But I’ve never been hunting.

Around these parts of WV, that’s pretty rare.

Nope, never been drunk. Not even close.

I’ve been drunk. But I’ve never had a hangover. I don’t know why.

Because you weren’t trying hard enough.

Never been drunk either. Someone once said that I don’t need to take recreational drugs because the stuff that goes on in my head is already strange enough.

Never been *falling down, puking, wake up in agony *drunk. I have been dizzy and very sleepy after drinking more than one drink. No idea what my BAC was.

Frankly, the idea of getting drunk seems pretty stupid to me. Plus after cleaning up the puke a drunk left at my place one night - no thanks.

I’ve never been sober.

I’m not currently drunk. But this situation is being rectified rapidly.

I’ve never smoked pot. (I’ve certainly been drunk!) It never came up, not ever, until a year ago we were going to my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding and picked up their high school debate coach along the way, who offered us some pot. It was the weirdest situation. I declined, not because I have any specific objections, but because… wtf?

I’ve never hunted either but that’s not unusual for women here, just men. I have fished, of couse. I don’t hurting the fish. Wouldn’t mind if we ate them, but we don’t.

ETA - perhaps I have a sign proclaiming “I Will Harsh Your Mellow” on my forehead? How else did I avoid being offered pot until age 28? I believe I will turn 30 without partaking.

I’ve never eaten a steak.

I have also never had a hangover, though I have gotten drunk a decent number of times back when I was younger. I have never gotten so drunk as to vomit or black out … and I used to sleep in my car if I didn’t have a nondrinker with me to get me home. I had a nice little battery operated travel alarm, and kept spare work clothes in the trunk.[I was in a band and we played out during the week occasionally]

I’ve never been drunk, never taken recreational drugs (barely taken OTC drugs), never smoked, and never driven a car.

I’ve never been drunk, but I have been sillier than a drunk raccoon from doctor-prescribed meds. My husband has nobly refrained from videotaping any of the episodes.

I’ve never been drunk (I’ve been close, but never quite got there); I’ve never used recreational drugs; I’ve never smoked; I am a virgin (by choice, at age 23.)

Wow. I sound really boring.

Not at all. Except for the virgin and age parts, that’s me too, and I don’t feel my life has been negatively impacted at all.

Frankly, most of my interactions with drunk/high people have only left me thinking less of those particular individuals, so I never feel like I’m missing a thing.

<Edna Krabapple> HAH! </Edna Krabapple>

I’ve been drunk, high on pot, high on painkillers, high on cough meds… many times, in concert. Now I just toke, smoke, and drink… but in moderation. And the smoking is going away slowly, but surely.

I’ve never been drunk either. I don’t think I’ve ever even had more than two drinks in one evening. I just never saw what would be enjoyable about drinking until I was stupid.

Same here, but I’m a vegetarian so I don’t think it counts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive never eaten pizza

Never been drunk. Never been so much as a bit buzzed.

I have an odd gag reaction to alcohol. Even if I like the flavor, after 2-4 sips my throat starts refusing to open to allow the alcohol to pass. The more I try to keep drinking, the harder it gets to swallow.

Anyone else have that? Any theories on why? I suppose it might be psycosomatic 'cause I was raised in a teetotaling religion, but I’m pretty sure I’m over that programming.