I've never tweeted

Twitter is in the news, apparently there’s a rumour they’re changing their format or something. I just saw a post on FB that consisted only of two names with hashtags.

I’ve never tweeted. Nothing I say is important enough for immediate dissemination, and unless war breaks out there’s nothing I need to know instantly.

I have an account. I’ve never tweeted, but I check in every few days just to see what Sarcastic Rover and a few other favorite people have tweeted.

When there is big breaking news, I check them out, but that’s not where I usually first hear about whatever the news is.

Snapchat is the one I can’t seem to understand.

Me neither. No idea how. Don’t tweet, don’t follow tweets.

I’m okay with my situation, though.

I don’t disdain those who do tweet, either. It’s all good, man!

I’ve never tweeted and I’ve refuse to do the facebo…gah, I can’t even type it all out. If I need to tell my friends something, I’ll text them. If they need to tell me something, they’ll text me. I got into computers as an exercise to get away from everybody. I certainly don’t need computers to get me in contact with anybody. Or for anybody to contact me. This message board is as close as I get to “social media”.

Did you intentionally type enough of it out that it looks like it should rhyme with “placebo”, as in the placebo effect? :wink:

I do tweet. I don’t tweet much, but I do twitter and tweet.

Nope. No Tweets here. I wouldn’t even have a clue how, or why.

Of course I once said that about texting, so you never know.

I kinda wish I had, now.

I haven’t either and have no plans to start.

Me neither. I couldn’t care less. And that goes for texting too.

You are posting on a public message board, which is exactly the same thing. You tweet about what you made for dinner, you start a thread about what you made for dinner. Same difference.

Tweeting seems to have a connotation of urgency to it, whereas posting on a message board doesn’t.

I might be misinformed about how twitter works, but as i understand it, if I tweeted about what I made for dinner, then doesn’t everyone who follows me then get a text or an alert that I posted that? If true, that seems intrusive. Where as on here, they would have to opt in to read about what was made for dinner.

Twitter… oh that’s a fad… it’ll never last. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have no Tweets here. I can’t see ever needing to tell the world (or my “followers”) what the hell I’M doing, but there’s times when I’ve considered the value of receiving some info via Tweet (e.g. instant F1 or MotoGP team news).

It can be used for urgent news, but it doesn’t need to be. Most tweets are pretty normal communications.

The way I think of it: who the fuck is going to follow me?

And, why the fuck would I follow anyone else? Who is so important out there that I’d anticipate their daily/hourly Tweet updates? No one. Absolutely no one.

I second this.

Not to mention, if I have some inane thing I wanna tell all my friends, I’ll just text them all. But I’m not I like the idea of people I don’t know following me. Seems creepy.

When I saw the OP’s title I immediately thought of Tweety Bird:

I have a Twitter account, and have used it a couple of times in order to qualify for offers or coupons. I haven’t used it socially, and have no intention to use it as such.

You are misinformed about how Twitter works. While it’s possible to sign up for Twitter notifications on your smartphone or whatever, most people just check their feeds when they have a spare minute. They read back as far as they feel like reading back, and if they never get to your tweet about dinner, they never know what you made for dinner.

Right on. Thanks. Good to know. Still not sold on the idea though.