I've pulled off the impossible!!!

With a assist to mother nature, I’ve pulled off the impossible. Sunday I will be watching my Niners take on the Green Bay Packers at Candlestick Park (or whatever their calling it these days). WOO HOO!!! This is an important game for the Niners, a win keeps them out of the frozen tundra during the play-offs, and I get to see it live on the 40yd line. :cool:

Since this is a nationally televised game, look for me. I’ll be the 225lb black guy wearing NO. 20 and doing backflips everytime we score. My wife will be the terrified little lady trying to get out of my way. Should I make a sign?

Jarbabyj please pick up the white courtesy phone, I need your bad thoughts for Favre this Sunday.:smiley:

Can it be re-attached?

Sorry, Stuffy, couldn’t resist. Congratulations, and I will be watching for you and your wife.

Best wishes for a successful outcome!

Jar? I think you’re up!


how about a sign that says:

“Lucifer 6:66”

That’d piss off some people. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the rainbow fro :smiley:

How about Cecil 3:16?

I am so jealous of you, Stuffy! I never convinced my dad to take me to a Niners game, because he would insist that it’s much better to watch at home. And now that I’m an adult, I live in Michigan. The Lions, ick.

Go Niners! Root double time for me!

I’ve got one in my closet, but I bought a Niners Beanie I’ll probably wear. My wife will proabably wear one of my hats, but I’ll try to talk her into it .