I've Wramed up to Jimmy Fallon

When Jimmy Fallon’s show first started it wasn’t very good, he wasn’t comofrtable doing a monologue and he hadn’t found his voice, yet. But it has been almost two years now and I would say he hass grown into his how pretty well.

I am not a big fan of everything he does, there are many recurring things that I just fast forward through. But he does have his own quirky style and I think his monologue presetnation is much better now and funny, too. And the guy is a GREAT impressionist. Just a couple of night ago he did this amazing Neil Young impression, where he was joined Nash (or was it Stills) and Crosby.


I wouldn’t say it is must see TV for me, the way Letterman was in the 80s, but I think he is doing a-ok.

His monologue skills have improved approximately ten billion percent since he first went on the air. His interview skills have also improved.

I’m still not a big fan of the dumb games in every episode, nor the awful reality-show spoofs that he used to do once a week. But “pros and cons” and weekly hashtags and Thank You Notes are all great bits.

I don’t often get to stay up late enough to catch Jimmy now that I have that stupid employment thing going on, but I really like him. He’s just so enthusiastic! Beer pong with Betty White?? The Roots? All awesome. Agreed, though, that maybe the monologue isn’t is strongest bit.

I haven’t watched his show in full since about the first airing, but I have seen quite a few of his musical guests via Youtube, and he’s been consistently knocking that out of the ballpark. Doesn’t hurt that he often has the motherfucking Roots backing up the guest. He’s taken Conan’s spot as “late night host with the best taste in music.”