Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I thought he premiered last week, but, apparently, he didn’t; it’s tonight. I just tuned in a few minutes ago, so I missed the opening. From what I’ve seen, however, the production looks kind of poor (it looks like it was filmed in the 80s, IMHO) and he looks nervous as hell. I guess the nervousness is to be expected, though.

I don’t dislike Jimmy Fallon – I’m pretty indifferent to him, although I’m one of the few who liked “Fever Pitch” – so I’m not hoping he fails or anything. Then again, I’m probably not going to stay tuned into this too longer, either (28 Weeks later got a little too gruesome, but I intend to turn it back after things have cooled down).

Is anyone else watching? Any observations?

Actually, I’ve stuck with it a little longer than I expected. Currently, there are people on stage licking an office printer and a lawn mower. The top of the lawn mower. I’m not really seeing the point of this; NBC’s own “Fear Factor” set the bar kind of high, where licking something this mundane isn’t really too shocking.

Oh wait, I had hope when they just rolled out a goldfish in a bowl. I was expecting the contestant to have to eat the goldfish, but alas, he licked only the outside of the bowl.

And that’s the end of that segment. Pretty pointless.

The set looks like it was stolen from SNL. Thumbs down
The joke about Windows stores opening up to compete w/ Apple… and the clerks freeze up. Funny as hell! Thumbs up.
The singing monologue - pretty funny. Thumbs up.
Licking for $10. blah blah blah thumbs down.
So far not too bad; but he’s too nervous. I was getting sick during his monologue watching him sway back and forth. Dude stand still!

Yeah, it would have been predictable, but I would have liked it better if the first two people got away with nothing, and the 3rd person had to lick something gross.

Only 30 minutes in, so this is a little premature, but I need to turn in soon.

Earlier tonight watched a clip of Chevy Chase’s talk show debut, just to give me perspective on how sucky a talk show host can be. Fortunately, Fallon’s quite a bit better.

Unfortunately, the show is even more safe and boring than I thought it would be. It’s yet another talk show where the host comes out and does a topical monologue and then sits down at a desk in front of a painted skyline. The set looks like Leno circa 1992.

A great comic persona could rise above all of this and make it unique, but so far Fallon just comes across as Carson Daly’s spazzy little brother.

Oh, and this “interview” with De Niro is atrocious.

EDIT: Ack, as I was absorbing the mediocrity, a new Jimmy Fallon thread opened up. Can the mods close this thread and move my post?

That’s how Conan would have done it.

A space bit? Really? ugh. This is falling fast. Time to watch Paris Hilton on Craig Ferguson. Hmmm Paris’s boobs look bigger?

I’ll catch this on Hulu. My expectations? Fail.

This has to be a new set, right? Are they using Conan’s old set? I wonder who they will replace Jimmy with, because this show sucks.

DeNiro is a really bad talk show guest, not sure why they started with him. He’s a great actor but not much to talk to.

They just played a bunch of clips from the DeNiro interview on Opie & Anthony (NY-area radio). It was cringeworthy.

Ah, I forgot to TiVo this. Ugh…

DeNiro is so bad as a guest that when someone asked Leno about guests that are hard to deal with DeNiro was the first guy he mentioned.

Did anyone else tune in mainly for The Roots, as Fallon’s house band?

Fallon was bad on SNL and he’s just as bad now. But maybe I’m not doing him full justice, as I turned it off after they rolled out the goldfish bowl. Ugh.

That’s what Jimmy Fallon does. I imagine he could be hung over eating a bowl of oatmeal and he’d sway back and forth and giggle.

I’ve actually heard that she doesn’t want implants because clothes hang on her frame better with smaller boobs.

Definitely not. Conan took an axe to his set, gradually destroying it over the course of the last week or so and giving out pieces as souvenirs. I think it’s the same studio, though.

But it’s what I like that counts, and I like big boobies!

How dare Paris deny me!


No thanks, this just makes it easier for me to stick with the Scottish Conan guy.

Sounds pretty bad, butyou gotta give him more time than one night. It’s takes a little time to find your own voice. Not saying it will ever work out, but if I recall, folks were pretty hard on Conan when he first appeared.

Let us remember the wise words of Mr. T.

Mr. T: I got you this gigantic gold “7” medallion to celebrate all the years you’ve been on Late Night!
Conan: Well, that’s very nice, but I’ve actually been on for ten years.
Mr. T: I know that, fool, but you only been funny for seven!
Give Jimmy a chance.